Ronny Turiaf Signs With Minnesota

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Would you bring back Kenyon or Lamar
 45%  [10]
 54%  [12]
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Since Ronny Turiaf is not returning to the Clippers, The Clippers will need to look somewhere else for a back up big! Here is a list of some Free Agent Bigs Ivan Johnson Samuel Dalembert DeJuan Blair Lamar Odom Chris....

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I am glad Ronny has found somewhere for his sake and am pleased he's not coming back for the team's sake.

I thought KMart had a team sorted already?

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I only chose Kenyon because Lamar is in trouble with the law right now and we don't need that type of negative publicity. He's probably going to go to the Lakers lol.. by the way... did anyone see that Nick Young signed a 1 year deal with the Lakers? Sad I like Nick.

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Trouble with the law? He broke some dude's camera equipment. He'll have to dig into his pockets, but he's not in that much trouble. If we could, I'd sign both. K-mart is a defensive stopper, but Lamar brings a lot more to the table. Plus, Lamar hits his free throws, and that's something we need desperately.

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Lamar shot like 47% from the line last year...

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K-Mart shot 42%, but Lamar is a career 70% shooter. I trust Lamar over K-Mart.

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isn't byron mullens an unrestricted free agent?

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Elton Brand makes the most sense out of all of them. He can spread the floor, he can defend, and is tough too boot.Unfortunately, I think DTS would go berserk with the slight mention of him.

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My bigger fear is MEtta World,please no not ever

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Ivan Johnson is solid. He was a great energy guy for Atlanta, and came out of nowhere busting heads. Still, I'd prefer Lamar.

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Lamar Odom had a greater impact than Ronny did last year. If we could, I would sign Odom and Kmart.. I highly doubt Kmart will play here after the comments he made about the team last year.

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LOL, why is his picture from a video game?

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I'd take K-Mart and LO if they were both willing to sacrifice and take the vet minimum to go after a championship

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Lol I was thinking the same. Anyways best of luck to Ronny and the Turiaf Twirl!!!

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Later Ronny!! Have fun ice fishing!!

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How much is he getting paid

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I think it's like 1.5 or like 1.7 mill a year. I believe it's probably just over what we could have offered him with the Vet's min. I can't blame Turiaf for wanting to leave, and Minnesota has made some moves to improve their team. Hell, just about every western conference team outside of Sacramento got better this past off season. I can see Dragic, Bledsoe and Gortat really shaking things up in Phoenix and quit possibly improving.

He'll be missed, I just think he didn't find his groove here. I also feel he was used too sparingly at times and Vinny should have given him more of a shot.

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I don't think we even offered him a contract.

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I don't think we did either. The trend in the NBA in recent years is to add your big men late after you've nearly compiled your entire roster. Lots of veterans take minimum salaries or pay cuts to be a part of a winning team.

My hopes are we sign at least 2 guys that can play PF and/or Center before the summer is over. We are in for a rude awakening if they think DJ and Blake are going to play like 40 minutes a night. I think Ryan Hollins is the only big man we have outside of those 2. That = disaster.

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