Magic Expected to Buy out Al Harrington

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The Magic are expected to buy out Al Harrington. He will become an unrestricted free agent if he does so.

I have mixed feeling about bringing him in.

I'm from the Bay Area and saw all of his games as a Warrior and he's a very polarizing presence in the locker room and may ruin the good vibes that are already in the locker room.

On the other hand he's a very versatile player and might be the stretch 4 we've been looking for. He's one mouthy dude, and he's a guy you love when he's on your team but you clown on (see backboard slaps) when he's not.

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His injury lingered all last year, and he was supposed to make multiple comebacks. If he's healthy he's a solid option but only after we sign an actual big man.

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He's such a dumbass, it's risky. I'll never forget a couple years ago when he was with the Knicks and two different times in the same season, he cost them a game against us because he was hanging on the rim after a dunk. That is very tough to achieve even if you're trying to do it.

I'd rather have Artest at PF. Also a dumbass but in a different way.

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He'd fit in perfectly next to DJ then.

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I would do artest>Harrington>anyone not named Jamison>Jamison

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I would like one big that can work on the pick and pop with Chris Paul. A big with a constant mid range jumper or 3 point shot would be a huge plus for our offense and would free up down low so BG and DJ can dominate

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He's the headcase version of Antawn Jamison.

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Al won us a few games if I remember haha.

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DUDE, I didn't read any single thing you wrote after He's suck a dumbass. I laughed so hard I almost peed a little and had to reply to your post and rep you. That might be, easily the funniest thing I've ever read on this forum.

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