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Hey guys- as you may have noticed, I've added a new format for Clipper blog entries being shown on the front page. There is brand new way to have blogs show up on the front page. Previously Jamfan & other CTB bloggers would have to use a special admin interface to post their front page blogs. The new method involves simply placing your new blog in the Clippers Blog forum. There are a few requirements and guidelines, however, to post a new blog (i.e. post a new topic in the blog forum). They are as follows: -the author....

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Great addition! I guess a great team needs a great forum. So yeah lets all appreciate David's effort, I hope this website grows more and becomes more profitable for you David. BTW what happened to JamFan? Haven't seen him post anything

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Thanks Freakeyy! As for Jamfan- I've just PM'ed him and hopefully I'll hear back. He probably has been busy or been on vacation.

And a special thanks to ClippyClip for the graphic CTB will be using as the default avatar. If you have a front-page blog, LTB will display that default avatar if you do not have one.

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Repped High Quality Post

Thanks David,

I have been a long time reader on here and started posting I think earlier this year. This is great, I've really liked this forum and how you guys run it. You guys are really on top of keeping things respectful, and the majority of the posters are thought provoking on a constant basis. I have written papers in school (yeah I'm the old guy going back to school) on my thoughts on different aspects of sports; primarily MMA, Football, and Basketball. Having the opportunity to post similar things on here and getting feedback from other Clipper fans would be great and I appreciate the opportunity (It's always nice to get feedback from others that I feel know their stuff on the subject).

Thanks again for all the great work.

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Nice job David! I will be utilizing this for sure.

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Neat idea.

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Great job David!!! Awesome idea!

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Appreciate the kind words guys- look forward to reading some of your blogs!

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