Warriors Sign Jermaine O'Neal

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1 year, 2 million dollar deal. The bigs are starting to run thin now, and I am glad we aren't in the market for Greg Oden, only if he were to be the last possible man to fill out the roster.

There needs to be a bigger sense of urgency for this team to land some more quality big men. If the team is still looking at Lamar Odom in secret, there is only so much time you can wait before your last option, second to last option and absolutely last option become role players for other teams.

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Totally agree, I feel really good about the moves we have made so far but it seems like the there is hole in the front court and it needs sorting!

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A steal by the Warriors. Great deal.

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I like O'neal but the Warriors are loaded with guys who are injury prone.I would have loved to have O'neal join the Clippers because I know if he goes down with an injury we have guys to take his minutes.I am not sure how healthy he will be this year because we have seen what the Suns medical staff has been able to do with him,Grant and Nash.Nash and Grant both had a lot of problems staying healthy after they left the Suns,wonder if the same will happen to O'neal.If I was a Warriors fan I would be very worried about relying on Curry,Bogut,Lee,and O'neal to stay healthy throughout the season.

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I think they overpaid him a little bit, and he is a bit injury prone. But still, if he can give them 60+ games this season I'd call it a win.

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