Bill Simmons: Chris Paul Threatened To Go to Rockets (P. 2)

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Funny, and you make a great point too. He was always a smarmy prick who loved a cliched Clipper "joke", but now that Doc punked him on national TV the hate will flow strong this season.

It'll be fun if the team's really good... he'll just be making himself look even more idiotic, but if we perform below expectations he'll be unbearable.

Get it done, Clips... shut 'em ALL up!

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^Why does that a***** pretend to be a Clippers fan? He said we would win 45 games last season. He basically said we wouldn't make the playoffs since you need around at least 45 wins to make it in the West.

His reports are extremely unprofessional, biased and frankly there just for entertainment value and his analysis of the game of basketball is only a bit deeper than that of a casual fan but that is espn for you.

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He said we would win less than 43 last season, as the over/under was at 43 and he opted for under. I....

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he was never a clippers fan. As a celtics fan he just finds it amusing to root for the cross town rival of the Lakers

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This isn't even sarcasm. He kindof cuts people off during halftime shows and such and you just see other people rolling their eyes and not really actively participating in his discussions. I opted to watch the draft on my phone because his commentary is so outlandish. The dude makes a mockery of the sport half the time. Whatever. Let him be.

Fuel the fire.

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its the consequence of letting fans be commentators. Michael thompson, Bill Simmons, and others like him on ESPN are like that. Very polarizing, very provocative, and emotional. Sports media seems to be moving towards this direction. Guys like skip bayless, Colin cowherd, and t.j. simmers are the new mold.

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This is all kind of funny. Personally I think he is really burying himself with all this criticism towards our Clippers. I know if I'm some ones boss and they have an publicized issue with one of our suppliers and then you keep going at the same supplier to smear their brand due to your own agenda, I will be very skeptical and eventually have to set you straight if it affects your work. It has affected Bill Simmons work, and it is only a matter of time before his employers begin to notice it.

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Without proof or verification from a secondary source, Simmons's comment that CP3 threatened to go to the Rockets is just speculation. There may be some shreds of validity in his assertion, though--could be as simple as one of CP3's representatives dropping a comment to Clippers's management during negtiations or someone peripheral to the discussion that he might consider the Rockets if the Rivers deal doesn't go through, or that Rivers's signing would make CP3 would be more favorably disposed towards signing with the Clippers. Regardless, without a source or independent verification from another sports writer, Simmons's comment is simply not a fact. Moreover, based on other columns, CP3 and his family appear to have set roots in Los Angeles and the Clippers' offer had an advantage of $20-30 million over offers from other teams.

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Who cares? He's a Clipper! stfu!

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Bill Simmons is still upset over Doc trashing him on draft night. Just trying to stir the pot.

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i believe that Vinny was the right guy at the time. He's great for young, rebuilding teams. He's great at getting the kids to play hard and work hard. Once we got cp3, all bets were off. You can't have a team with players who are better strategists than the coach and not expect a mutiny.

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Not sure there was any mutiny. Only guy who was obviously not on his side was DJ. Ironically enough, just about any coach in the league would have taken his minutes due to poor FT shooting.

For the record, I expect Doc to do the same.

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Bill Simmons is an idiot, that's usually the explanation for most of his remarks.

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Just watched an interview with Stephen A on ESPN mobile regarding the CP3 threat and he said that the Rockets were never an option. Trust Stephen A over Bill Simmons about NBA info all day/everyday.

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