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Wow, that is some unique uniforms. So much orange! lol.

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Bledsoe not being on the team anymore has really started to sink in for me this week.I am gonna miss seeing him play.I would say he was the 3rd most exciting player on our roster last year behind Blake and Crawford.Sucks we had to trade him.Too bad he isn't 6'3" or 6'4" because than I think we could have gotten away with him being our 2 guard.But at 6'0" he was just too short for the 2 guard.

I guess the Suns are going to try him at SG.Since they are rebuilding they have the luxury to experiment with their roster.Hope it works out for him.He was a great player and never seemed to complain about his minutes.He understood his role and decided to go along with it and try to learn as much as he could.With that type of attitude I think Bledsoe will go far.Good luck to him and Caron in PHX.

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That orange with sleeves looks terrible!!

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Those look really awful. WTF Suns?

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Well I'm sure they'll look better with Wiggins rocking them in 2014.

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Wiggins is going to the Raptors regardless. NBA is a conspiracy, see D Rose to the Bulls, Lebron to the Cavs and so on and so forth. Wiggins, the highest rated canadian basketball player of all time who publicly said he'd love to play for the Raptors, who are probably going to stink, and bad, that's got David Stern written all over it.

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