ESPN: DeAndre Jordan Looking To Do Big Things

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Nice article, very optimistic. I really hope that some of that positivity can show some good results this season.

DJ stroke does look good so lets hope those FT's do start dropping. How he develops will have a huge effect on the team and how successful they are.

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I'll be more then satisfied with 10 ppg 10 rpg 2 bpg 60+% from the line. He will have earned his contract.

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Good to hear that he's been working on the free throws regularly. I like the improved mentality as well and am excited to see him play this upcoming season.

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Keep workin' DJ. His FT's should be his main priority until training camp.

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I still say we trade DJ.. Give him half season to prove himself.. Bit after that trade his ass!!

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^We are stuck with him. If he plays like crap the first half who wants him? If he plays well then there is no point in trading him unless we get a good offer.

Anyway talk is cheap. I have renewed hopes for him this upcoming season but its his last chance. If he doesn't do well this season he probably never will.

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Agreed. With much better defensive presence like Tyson Chandler though.

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I'll be satisfied if he can get 10 boards and maintain 1.7-2.3 blocks per game all year long. He's 7 feet and probably one of the top 2 or 3 athletic centers in the game. Me thinks Doc is going to use him near 30 MPG on most nights to help bring him along faster and make him feel like he's extremely valuable. There's no reason why DJ can't get 10 boards and 2 blocks a night. The points I don't care about, and I expect his scoring to go down even if he improved his offensive game. Simply because Redick and Dudley are here now and that means less touches for the entire team now that they have 2 starters that are better than the 2 guys we used last year.

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I feel like I read this same article every year before the seasons starts.

Also, writers need to stop painting VDN as the evil dictator who didn't let poor Deandre Jordan learn how to play better because he benched him during fourth quarters. The NBA is a profession, not a daycare center.

I have no more patience for DJ.

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I couldn't agree more. We do see the same type of article revolving around DJ for the past few years and he really doesn't progress at all, more like regression. VDN gave DJ plenty of minutes, but when teams foul you non stop to put you at the FT line to trim a lead of like 13 to 2, you shouldn't be on the court. When you can't play man defense and look to someone else to rebound, you shouldn't be on the court.

I really hope if he starts acting like a turd Doc Rivers flat out benches him. This isn't a 25 or 30 win team, this is a team fighting for a good seed in the playoffs and hopefully, a deep run in the playoffs. I really think if DJ doesn't get things going by the new year, the team needs to look at teams to trade him to and even give up a 1st round pick or TWO for another center. If I were GM, I would have stopped at nothing to swap centers and give the Bucks draft picks for Larry Sanders.

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To quote Peter of Herman's Hermits

"Second verse same as the first"

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DJ looking to do big things = being a decent center who'll help his team instead of hurting it in the 4th.

not much to ask for, hopefully if he tries really really hard, he can be okay.

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That was basically what I said all year. The reason I know this is that I changed my shot when I was young, and I was awful in games when I was adjusting my shot because my body was stuck between the new and the old. When I took time off and worked on new form I became a MUCH better shooter. Ended up becoming a shooter after being basically just an athlete / slasher to start my basketball career. I trusted the process because the stuff I read said "you will get worse before you get better" and "don't think about misses, think about form", you don't know how hard that is to accept, especially when you're in games and need to make shots.

DJ didn't get worse because he wasn't working, he got worse because when you change form, you don't work on accuracy first, and your accuracy actually gets worse before it gets better. Growing pains!

...people didn't understand this and were talking like the guy is unaware of the fact that he's a poor FT shooter and actually think he doesn't work on it. You think DJ is somehow oblivious to that?

The good thing here though is him essentially saying "it hasn't been working so I'll change it". There are NBA players whose ego's actually prevents them from doing that, especially with shooting because you get worse before you get better if you're changing form, and guys won't trust the process and revert when the little bumps come.

Good to see DJ sticking to the changes form because if for example he started changing then deserted it, his shot would just become more inconsistent.

Hopefully he sees dividends as the season comes, can't guarantee it, but at least he's working, I know it's possible to go from a bad shooter to a really good one, he just has to get to passable, but there's a lot of ego killing required the older you get.

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