Dwight Howard and Sour Grapes

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My LAL friends had been bragging since last season that D12 was going to stay when it was obvious he wasn't. It was fairly obvious he was headed to Houston or maybe the Spurs. They don't remember that going to LAL was his Punishment for being a d*ck. He now says he told them he would only stay if Kobe were gone.

They accept the fact that CP3 and Kobe could not coexist When I mention that they shouldn't re sign Kobe which is obvious their answer is that he wants another ring.

Life never surprises me.

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Funny story, I'd always call Dwight Howard 'Dwight Coward' and all my Faker fan friends would tell me ''stop being a hater'' Now they ALL call him Dwight Coward, I agree with you man, life never suprises me either!

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It was obvious to me that Dwight was going to Houston. The Spurs were never an option so not sure why you thought he would go there.

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Yup that's exactly the same thing that happened to me.

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The Spurs are going to have cap space. Manu has a year left, maybe two. Duncan has one maybe two. Leonard or Greene are reasonable role players




Ginolbi and ?


You can ad pieces and build around Howard. Except for age they are better than last year. Will have to go over the cap for a short period but this is a championship team. One last push then to the drawing board. SAS front office is genius.

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Fora guy who did very little why did he think he could call the shots?

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Went to Clips/Rox game last month and I was genuinely surprised by the amount of hate Dwight got by the fans. As a Clips fan who despises the Lakers, I was actually happy that he left. Not sure why he got that treatment at non-Laker game..

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It just shows that a lot of "die hard" Lakers fans have already jumped ship and are going to Clippers games. When I go to the games, I see a bunch of people wearing Lakers gear.That is all fine and dandy to me. Glad to see fans converting to Clippers fans.

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I know this is a late response but I noticed the same thing..... didn't make any sense, since the clippers had nothing invested in D12 but I guess it's the only time clippers and lakers fans stuck together?

im getting sick just thinking about it

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