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Interesting part in this article where Kris Humphries said both courts have been filled with NBA players running multiple games of pickup. Do you guys know what this is going to do for future NBA recruiting?!? Freaking amazing. I guess player reps aren't even allowed in and players from other teams can get medical treatment and most likely access to food etc.

Best part of this is our whole team has been there representing so those friendships and competitive games benefit our chemistry building, recruiting and keep our players sharp and improving. Literally the ONLY practice facility in the NBA doing this. Kudos to the front office for allowing and encouraging this.

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you're right bro. this can do nothing but help us.

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Crazy how much this franchise is changing.Love that other NBA players want to train at the facility because it shows everyone in the league that our team is providing what their players need.We used to be known as cheap,and now that is changing a lot.We have one of the best training facilities in the league,one of the highest paid coaches,and have paid the players who have deserved it like Matt Barnes.This can only help with recruiting talent in the future.

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THE best training facility in the league. Not only the most expensive but the most high tech.

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The training facility helped build the chemistry of the bench last offseason.

That Is why our bench was killin it early last season. Most teams have growing pains with a new re-tooled roster. Our team didn't really have that issue early on.

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Don't tell that to those fools inEl Segundo. Haha.

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The games must be in the middle of the day, during the week because I drive by the practice facility pretty regularly on the weekends and in the evening and have never seen any players coming in our out.

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