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What are thoughts on minutes played by position? It's harder than I thought to divide up the minutes and give a normal workload to each player without running out of minutes.

Will be interesting at the guards because Paul, Collison, Crawford, and Redick are all used to playing more minutes than are available:

PG: Paul (34); Collison (14)

SG: Redick (30); Crawford (18)

SF: Dudley (24); Barnes (16); Crawford (8)

PF: Griffin (20); Jamison (14); Barnes (8); Mullens (6)

C: Jordan (26); Hollins (10); Griffin (12)


Paul: 34

Griffin: 32

Redick: 30

Crawford: 26

Jordan: 26

Dudley: 24

Barnes: 24

Collison: 14

Jamison: 14

Hollins: 10

Mullens: 6

No minutes left for: Bullock, Green, or Wayns

Might be hard to keep everyone happy, but a good problem to have with this depth. Paul and Griffin should be good. I imagine Redick and Crawford both want 30+, Dudley/Barnes want 25-30, Collison wants 25+, Jamison wants 20+ and there just aren't enough minutes to give everyone that time.

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CP and Blake need at least 35mpg. DJ needs at least 30. And no way should Hollins get more mins than Mullens. In fact, I'd give Hollins as many DNP's as possible.

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Maybe something like this, I'd like to see a lot of minutes go to DJ during the regular season because our success relies a lot on his growth. Minutes would be able to give you a good read on if it is going to work or not.

PG: CP3 (32), DC (16)

SG: JJ (24), JC (20), WG (3), RB (1)

SF: JD (22), MB (20), RB (4), AJ (2)

PF: BG (32), AJ (11), BM (2), MB (2)

C: DJ (30), BM (10), RH (4), BG (4)

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This is why the topic is so interesting. A lot of players to try to get minutes but it likely won't work out to be enough for some players.

JJ has played 25+ minutes since 2010 (going up each year) and JC has played over 20 minutes since his rookie year. WG was a starter last year and averages 20 minutes over his career. 3 minutes (or none like I have) is likely not to cut it for long. Similarly, Jamison and DC are a 20+ minute career guys. Someone, likely multiple someones, are going to take significant minutes hits. Can Doc keep them happy or do the Clips package some guys to upgrade mid-season after seeing what deficiencies the team has in the first hafl?

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It's hard. Redick probably should play 30 MPG, but Crawford won't be content with playing 18 MPG, but you can't really do 3 guard lineups because it is necessary and your two SF's Dudley and Barnes are good and need minutes and deserve minutes. You can alleviate that by playing Barnes at the 4 in small lineups, but then one of Jamison and/or Mullens is getting less minutes because it is taking backup PF minutes and means that Blake is taking up minutes at C.

Collison is a backup PG that isn't a bad option to play, but even at his lowest, Paul has been at like 34 MPG. DJ needs to be good enough where he's playing more unless the team is most likely not where it needs to be defensively. Blake also deserves minutes and wants to play. We always think of "player needs to be protected" or whatever, but young stars aren't really the ones too happy with coming off the court.

I would go with similar numbers to the OP:

PG: Paul (33-35); Collison (13-15)

SG: Redick (28); Crawford (20)

SF: Dudley (26); Barnes (16); Crawford (6)

PF: Griffin (26); Jamison (12); Barnes (8); Mullens/Hollins (2/DNP)

C: Jordan (29); Hollins/Mullens (11/DNP); Griffin (8)

I don't believe Mullens and Hollins will play every game. Both of them will land at about 13-14 MPG, but they won't play every game, as I think they will be used more situationally. Depending on who plays well, etc, also, Jamison might be the one in that role of getting DNP's. Bullock might at first be a garbage time guy so no point listing him as he might not be in the official rotation, but maybe he will play himself into minutes and that will muddle things in terms of finding him PT.

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^^Edited your post to turn off "smilies" for the post as the 8 + ) was being converted into a smiling face.

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I think on a game-by-game basis it will vary greatly depending on matchups and some of our 3rd string guys will log quite a few DNP's. Obviously, injuries could change the picture a lot and not all these minutes will come at the positions I've listed, but over the course of the season, this is how I think it will average out.

CP3-32, Collison-15, Wayns-1

Redick-24, Jamal-20, Green-4

Dudley-22, Barnes-22, Bullock-4

Griffin-34, Jamison-14

DJ-30, Mullens-12, Hollins-6

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That looks pretty good to me.

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It's really early to be talking about MPG. There are a lot of talented players who are going to be expecting minutes throughout the year, I think we can expect Doc to exploit individual matchups throughout the season when deciding who to give big minutes to.

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Keep in mind, every season has it's injuries. Everyone should see more minutes than the projected minutes played.

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I am quite sure that Mullens will play more minutes and than Jamison in your Listing at C as also at Forward.

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^ mullens has a lot to prove before he steals minutes from proven vets.

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