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When did Arash become our unofficial Clipper insider? Didn't he use to bash the Clippers on his blog all the time during CP3's first year here?

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I'm not sure he would bash them, but I do recall whenever he was on Mason and Ireland he would just laugh while Mason and Ireland ribbed the Clippers. From a fan perspective you don't sit there and let the two biggest Lakers boosters do that if your the Clippers reporter.

I will never look at Markazi as the face of the Clippers for that reason. The guy I can vouch for as being more pro-clippers is Petros from Fox. He's been more of a respectful guy towards this franchise. As for now, Arash has a lot of my a** to kiss before I let him off the hook.

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I remember how bad A_dude_with_a_rash use to be.

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If DeAndre can't put it together and we end up in crunch time running Mullens (no Barnes-level signing in my opinion) then this could get ugly. But if DeAndre does put it together, this season could be beautiful. I'm hopeful for now, at least until I watch that first free throw.

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If Deandre can't do 4th quarter, its most likely that Doc will run a small ball variation with CP3-JJ-Dudley-Barnes-Blake.

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Sometimes it's the small details that make the biggest impacts. I am also a die hard UCLA football fan, and while I was not initially a fan of the hiring of Jim Mora Jr. I did notice that he did something differently than Rick Neuheisel. Among the many changes Mora did was to start the Bruins football camp in San Bernardino. The reasoning is to build chemistry and take the team away from distractions. While this move alone will not be the most impactful of changes it does set a positive tone.

Like Jim Mora Jr., Doc Rivers is already making many small but impactful changes and it is ultimately the attention to these small details that make coaches like Mora Jr and Rivers an upgrade over Del Negro and Neuheisel.

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With all these added pieces we have we no longer have to rely on offense from Deandre Jordan. In fact, this allows Deandre to simply focus on defense. In the event that we do need a more offensive spark we can substitute Mullen in for him.

Therein lies the value of all the acquisitions we acquired. We have depth and can rotate players according to need.

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