Clippers Predicted To Finish 1st In The Western Conference!

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Win-Loss Predictions for Every NBA Team, Pre-Training Camp Edition Los Angeles Clippers: 60-22 PG: Chris Paul, Darren Collison SG: J.J. Redick, Jamal Crawford, Willie Green SF: Jared Dudley, Matt Barnes, Reggie Bullock PF: Blake Griffin, Antawn Jamison, Byron Mullens C: DeAndre....

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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Stein has them #1 in the west as well. I'm fired up.

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Its a beautiful thing

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Don't mean to be picky, but...

I think 60-22 would be just okay, I wouldn't complain, but last year we won 56 games! And should have won more, (like the Orl game).

Let's compare some upgrades & downgrades.

JJ Reddick >>>>> Willie Green (I love Willie but he wasn't a starter) >> Chauncey Billups (Bad year)

Jared Dudley >>> Caron Butler (Better outside shooting, defense & b-ball iq)

Darren Collison << Eric Bledsoe (Less upside & defense, but better PG skills and shooting)

Antwan Jamison < Lamar Odom (Less defense, way better scoring)

Byron Mullens >> Ronny Turiaf (Worse defense, way better scoring)

Reggie Bulluck (Is just a steal)

Doc Rivers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vinny Del Negro (From bottom 2 coach in the league to top 2 easily)

New Coaching staff >>>> Old staff (Alvin Gentry is 3 times smarter than our last head coach)

Plus any improvements that Blake & DJ make...

And all of that only equals a positive of 4 wins? Doesn't make much sense to me...

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^What should matter is our results in the playoffs not our RS wins. I think we will win around 58-62 wins. Got to remember the league in general has also gotten better. In the West and East.

Spurs and Thunder are just as good as last season. GSWs and Houston improved. Timberwolves if healthy can be a pain. Griz are a bit better, etc.

In the East the Nets got better, the Pacers got better, the Bulls got better, etc.

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^ Yeah... makes me wish we could beat up on the lakers more than 4 times a year. Yellow_Flash_Colorz_PDT_16

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I can see reggie bullock getting a lot of playing time because of the blowouts... I think there are gonna be a lot of blowouts this year.. especially with the improvement in our 3 point shooting... Also our defense "should" be better... I mean.. that is what a lot of our guys are focusing on. I haven't heard much from cp3 .. anyone know what he's been up to?

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^ itrust that whatever he's doing, it's more important than any of us armchair analysts can dream up for him Smile

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I'm with CP3Heliflopter on this one, I mean hopefully we get a top seed in the playoffs. I actually don't like all the media praise and attention, I would like flying under the radar a little more. If we play up to par right away teams can really concentrate on how to beat us and have a formula by the end of the season; not saying that it will work but would rather teams not be scared of us until we get to the western conference finals where it could be to late for the other teams.

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