Medals for the Game Vs. Suns (Pre-Season)

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Gold: Chris Paul - Crafted a beautiful game; 24 points, 9 assists, and 2 steals.

Silver: DeAndre Jordan - His first double double to go along with 5 blocks.

Bronze: Byron Mullens - Knocks down his threes with effiency this time.

-------------------------Medal List------------------------------------


Gold Medal

  • DeAndre Jordan (16 Pts, 8 RBS, 4 BLK)
  • DeAndre Jordan (14 Pts, 7 RBS, 6 BLK)
  • Darren Collison (20 Pts, 10 AST, 4 STL)

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Thought DJ set the tone in the first half, but Paul saved our asses in the second.

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Verdict is still out on whether DJ can guard good centers, would've loved to have seen him guard Cousins. Maybe Doc is still working on his confidence and kept him out that game? He's young with no history of injury, he needs playing time, so I was surprised he sat with Blake and CP. We all know DJ can finish lobs and spoon fed dunks, nothing new. Team defense strategies will help his defense, but it's still preseason.

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The good news is Gortat is supposed to be the kind of center that 'drives him nuts" according to Doc. A center who can shoot and supposedly take DJ away from guarding the basket. Yet DJ still got 5 blocks and 11 rebounds so that's good. But yeah, he's struggled in the past with the big bruising centers in the league.

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GOLD - CP3 - high score of the night, along with those 9 assist.. he can see the open man and get the ball into his hands.

SILVER - Byron Mullens, 15pts, 63%FG..loving his effort right now.. he is going to be GREAT for our team

BRONZE - Jamal - leading scorer off the bench.. NOT HAPPY WITH HIS 29% FG and ZERO threes.... that overconfidence is going to be the end of him.. BETTER HUMBLE IT DOWN PLAYBOY and get it together..

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Wait Byron Mullens silver over DJ who had 11, 11 and 5 blocks? I'd say Mullens deserved bronze though.

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DJ is going to have a FANTASTIC SEASON we already know that.. I want to see how the kid is going to play & be aggressive for us. Bryon made 4/7 3 pointers! I LOVE IT!

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