Would You Give Lamar Odom Another Chance? (P. 2)

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After reading an article about LO talking to the Lakers screw him. He seems out of touch with reality.

Occasional marijuana smoking has no effect on your ability to play if you don't smoke that day. The ban on marijuana is political. Pot has been legal in Alaska for years and doctors and lawyers there smoke - from personal experience. How many states are now legalizing marijuana? A lot. Most companies have stopped doing random drug tests. They only test if there is a problem. In other words if an employee does a good job and never causes problems a dirty urine means nothing. This means your urine could have opiates, meth and cocaine. It doesn't matter.

A suspension for smoking pot means you're stupid. If he lit up at home with friends as I'm sure a huge number of players do the league wouldn't care. If he lit up publicly in a club they would..

My point is that if LO were to return he should have random drug tests because he HAS had problems. Most people don't know this but a huge percent of heroin usere aka "Chippers" use it only occasionally and never get addicted.

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After seeing our bench get nearly 40 scored on them in a quarter by the KINGS, I now support providing crack for Lamar before and during games should he be willing to return. Actually, any big and tall person who can move rather quickly and put their hands up in the air will suffice.....inmates ok with you guys?

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It looked like Lou was doing OK then he made the stupidest reach in I've seen since the Big Six sucked. Mullins and Hollins have no lateral movement and aren't strong enough to stop a well hurled wet paper bag. We got problems. Also they get nothing in the paint meaning points and rebounds. Interestingly Lou was doing well in shoot around.

We will lose in the first round of the PO's. Did we suck because we were Barnesless?

As some sage on this site said, there is a reason guys are third stringers. Mullens reminds me of Novak

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All signals emanating from Clipperland continue to paint the prospect of Lamar Odom's return to his old team as a when-not-if inevitability

But the latest word circulating Sunday, in the wake of the long-term hand and elbow injuries suffered by J.J. Redick, strongly suggests that the widely expected re-signing of Odom is unlikely to take place before the Clippers finish a seven-game road trip in mid-December.

Christmas, according to one insider, is a more realistic target.

The Clippers will undeniably miss Redick for the next six to eight weeks with the eight-year veteran playing the best all-around ball of his career. Don't forget that Matt Barnes has already missed a slew of games before Redick went down.

Yet it appears that L.A., in the short term, is prepared to rely on the likes of Sixth Man Extraordinaire Jamal Crawford and veteran swingman Willie Green to try to fill the Redick void.

The Clippers embark Wednesday on a seven-stop, 13-day trip which begins in Atlanta and continues with visits to Memphis, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn and Washington. Odom, meanwhile, continues to work out on his own in anticipation of rejoining the Clippers, with whom he spent last season before a turbulent summer that saw him attached to a string of unflattering headlines in Hollywood's tabloid press.

After a sitdown with Odom last month at the team's practice facility, Clippers coach Doc Rivers has spoken optimistically about Odom's chances of landing a new rest-of-the-season deal.

Rivers went so far as telling NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper on Friday that he is "hoping things work out" with re-signing Odom.

"I honestly haven't focused on it a lot," Rivers said in the interview. "But he's somebody that I've always liked and I like him more now after hearing from Phil Jackson to Vinny [Del Negro] to all the players the type of guy he is in the locker room. When I hear that stuff, without saying exactly what I heard, you want him in your locker room."

The Clippers, even before the injuries to Barnes and Redick, elected to keep their 15th roster spot open coming out of training camp for an in-season signing.

"There is not one bit of talk about time frame or anything like that," Rivers told NBA.com. "I'm just going to play it by ear and see how he's doing and go from there.

"We're looking, but it's not a desperate look right now. I do think we need one more player. It could be a big. It could be another point guard, just to have a third backup for the season. But I don't tend to make moves that'll make you stronger during the regular season, because then in the playoffs you shorten your rotation and that was a wasted move most of the time."

  • Marc Stein

Lamar is that thrid big we need off the bench! That last Pacer game we had was very similar! Here were Lamars number in that game!

Mon 4/1

vs IND

20 MIN

9 PTS ( 3-6 FG 3-3 FT )






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^Just like I though, sometime in mid-December. I pretty sure he'll be suspend for a game or 2 due do his DUI/off season scuffles before he can set his feet on court too.

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I'd give LO another shot. I think that he can still contribute to the team and really be an amazing locker room presence. I think having him around will just boost and quicken the chemistry of the team

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LO is an addict, he needs to get well on many levels.

To stop using just to get back on the team is not the answer.

He needs to step away from it all.

His care and constant monitoring will be a team distraction and worry.

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Lamar Odom Expected To Be Ready To Play In Mid-January

Dec 03, 2013 10:11 PM EST

Lamar Odom has returned to Los Angeles after two weeks of workouts with Rob McClanaghan.

Odom is expected to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers and could be ready as soon as mid-January.

"He's not ready yet," said a person briefed on his training regimen.

Odom met with officials from the Clippers in November to discuss a return.

Via Ken Berger/CBS Sports

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^^^ it's amazing how the events surrounding Lamar change on a daily basis. He's getting ready to sign, he isn't going to sign, he's coming back in january. This is going to be a circus with Lamar.

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