CP3 Turnovers Seemed to Increase This Pre-season

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Admittedly the pre-season is a small sample size, nevertheless Chris Paul's turnovers per game seem to be increased from his average the last several seasons. Over the 5 preseason games so far, CP3 notched 38 assists and committed 17 turnovers for an assist/turnover of 2.27. This contrasts sharply with his assist/turnover of 4+ every season since 2009-2010. As the pre-season game number is very small compared to the regular season (and hopefully post-season) game number, this is likely meaningless, but I am a bit concerned this may portend a significant drop in CP3's vaunted efficiency in taking care of the ball.

Darren Collison seems to be making the most of his pre-season games, with nice scoring and assist numbers, and, certainly if he maintains them, he'll be the bargain signing of the season (although the downside is the Clippers will have to pay him a lot more for a 2nd season).

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Are you really making a big deal out of a sample size of 5 games? Forget 5 games. 5 preseason games? I don't think deserves a topic no offense and I highly doubt that Chris Paul will suddenly go from king of not turning the ball over to turnover king due to some meaningless preseason games and its not like he hasn't had stretches like this. Its the norm to have bad stretches and good stretches(having games where he only has 1 turnover or even 0).

Relax CP3 has only averaged 3 TOs a game once in his career and that was when he was carrying a very bad Hornets team and averaging 23/11/5.5/3 on 50% FG.

Every other season it has been 2.5 TOs-2.1 TOs which is nothing short of remarkable.

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Off-season rust, he said he's not in the shape he wants to be in yet, and he's learning Doc & Alvin's system... so I wouldn't worry, it should even out sooner or later. He's also being ultra aggressive so turnovers may be the give & take if he scores a lot.

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This is actually easy to solve. He's a lot more aggressive on offense than usual. Easy to keep turnovers down when you aren't attacking. Doc has him pushing the tempo more and shooting more than usual.

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This doesn't need to be a topic! You are overreacting to the pre-season

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They are increased, but it isn't even due to aggressiveness, it seems like a lot have been mis-communication and just improper timing on certain plays. CP actually seems to be less turnover prone when he's just trying to score than when he's passing, eg: last season's playoffs.

It's one of those new offense, new players, getting used to everything, not being as careful since it is pre-season kind of things.

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