Hardwood Paroxysm: DeAndre Jordan's No Win Situation

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I said the same thing about CP3 becoming MVP. It's unlikely ANY of our players will get any credit they may deserve for any improvement after such a big change on the bench and all our player additions being essentially roleplayers.

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This article doesn't make any sense.

Praise is not mutually exclusive. Doc Rivers might get the credit for making DJ into a good center, but that doesn't mean that DJ won't get any credit. It's the NBA, all good players are given their due when they play well regardless of how much their coaches influence them.

Do we not give credit to Joakim Noah or Roy Hibbert even though their coaches are defensive masterminds? No, we call them great players and give them big contracts...

Additionally, how is it a lose-lose situation for him? If the Clippers win the championship with him as a solid defensive anchor, does he not win as well? And, even if Doc is given all the credit, will he not seem worth his contract at that point?

Seriously, this is straight up headline bait and a forced argument. The analysis of the situation is fine, but his conclusions are flawed. Either we lose and DJ looks bad or we win and DJ looks worth his contract. End of story.

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My man. he probably had a deadline and no story so he pulled this out of his poopie chute

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