Medals for the Game Vs. Lakers

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Gold: DeAndre Jordan - Showed focus and his play carried into the regular season.

Silver: Blake Griffin - Leading scorer of the team, combined with 7 rebounds and 3 assists.

Bronze: Chris Paul - Finishes off a double-double, but not a pretty shooting performance.

-------------------------Medal List------------------------------------


Platinum Medal

  • Chris Paul (40 Pts, 11 AST, 7 RBS)

Gold Medal

  • DeAndre Jordan (16 Pts, 8 RBS, 4 BLK)
  • DeAndre Jordan (14 Pts, 7 RBS, 6 BLK)
  • Darren Collison (20 Pts, 10 AST, 4 STL)
  • Chris Paul (24 Pts, 9 AST, 5 RBS)
  • Darren Collison (31 Pts, 6 AST, 2 STL)
  • Darren Collison (27 Pts, 3 AST, 3 RBS)
  • Chris Paul (14 Pts, 10 AST, 6 RBS)
  • Chris Paul (23 Pts, 5 RBS, 2 STL)

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Will I get banned if I cursed this guy out? I'm so uoset right now and I feel like this thread is just uncalled for.

The all get medals made of feces.

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LOL @ Blake getting a silver. JJ played well.

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DJ: Gold



BG didn't play well at all. He missed many fts, played terrible defense, didn't crash the boards and turned the ball over.

Really outside of DJ. No one else was really notable.

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Dj deserved the medal. The rest are vacant to me. But Silver to Bullock because of his efficiency and Bronze to Mully for not getting any playing time to screw it could work, too.

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DJ gets gold

Barnes gets a silver.

Collison with the bronze for an efficient scoring night coming off the injury, although I wish he would make some more plays.

Really want to give cp3 bronze, but I felt that he played hero ball in the 4th and shot us out of the game. 9 assists at the half and only finished with 11?

Blake was inefficient, nasty2nd yearesque hitch on his shot, soft defense and on the glass. Redick disappeared in the 2nd half. Dudz was a non factor. Crawford showed up once the game was out of reach.

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Lets be honest here.... Lakers shot the 3 like they were going out of style... What killed our team last year?? Oh yea... 3 point shooting.

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Barnes was pretty bad as well at some point you got to play with some dam discipline. Most of his fouls could of been basic contests if he just was patient put his hands up rather than smacking a defender. That is going to get old fast if he keeps it up.

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Crawford deserved the silver and Collison the bronze. Cp3 was a total non factor.

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He put up solid numbers despite a 1 game preseason. Yeah he had bad moments, but not a terrible game overall IMO.

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Medals to the Lakers. This looks like our blowout. They should have scored 80ish points. They carved us up inside like last game. Kudos to the Lakers

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For some reason I can't post on the game thread but if anyone remembers I felt the Lakers could win. Like it or not that franchise has heart.We are again the Clippers. Doc obviously thinks Hollins and Mullens suck. We sucked canal water. We looked like VDN's three point defense. Also we couldn't get rebounds. This is a replay of the last game.

Bottom line - Too Hip 3:16. We aren't as good as we think we are. As a matter of fact until we can control the glass we will continue to get torched. WE need at all cost a Reggie guy but I don't know where. Otherwise we're screwed. We can't put Mullens in with Hollins. We could put him in with Reggie. I love the Clipps but maybe our last yr team is better than this considering we have no bigs who rebound. Unless Blake can beast inside we will inhale read suck. The responsibility is on his shoulders. Unless as Barkley said he can score at will like Kobe we're screwed. Trade for Love. "Live by the jumper, die by the jumper" Jumpers lose PO games. Our shooters were off but so was the score.

David I tried on Mozilla. I still can't post on game thread.

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None. Our team flat out sucked. The Fakers are a better team without Kobrick and they showed it. Hope the Brick comes back soon.

Guess now we will see of DOc really is the coach or not by what he teaches today in prep for Thursday.

Ever since Blake stepped into a KIA he can't ball like he used to. Get a Nissan , Blake.

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Gold: Doc Rivers for not going off on the team like the Mike Rice at Rutgers

Silver: Alvin Gentry for not going Bobby Knight on the team.

Bronze: Ty Lue for not having a PTSD episode when seeing the Lakers court and screaming "Stop it Iverson, I was just playing."

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Nobody deserved a medal, they are all flat no fire at all, that's what happen when you underestimate your opponent, but that would be the lakers first and last win, nobody will treat them now like D-league, This is what i noticed in the previous season we always lost to a team that nobody expect to win againts us, and now it's back. Even the Bobcats can beat us if we will treat them like a high schooler.

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I think you have a point there, but I expect Doc to get the team to change that attitude.

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