BBallBreakdown: Why Both the Lakers and Clippers Have Issues

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It's on BballBreakdown's Youtube channel, so go check it out.


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Is that the same Lakers or is it just not the Clippers?

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That is an interesting watch. He totally slates Nick Young which is enjoyable.

He talks about the hitch in Blakes FT action several times. I have always thought that it didn't look good but his % was fine last season but the coach on the vid seems to think he'll never be consistent with the hitch. It would take quite a while to change his stroke again, so if the coach is right then it is REALLY bad news.

There was a lot of debate about him giving Blake a hard time re an early vid, in this one he breaks down some of his bad foot work. I think Blake is so athletic that at times he can get away with bad fundamentals and has picked up some bad habits. His foot work can be great so maybe he does need to re-inforce some good fundamentals.

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Blake's hitch was more noticeable than usual last night. Blake needs to get the guys from pro-shooting system to help him with his shot. There's a lot of things that coaches, even the highest level teach that aren't really good for one handed shooting that you see Blake doing. They teach it just because that is all they know.

Guess what one of Blake's biggest problems in missing is? Missing short/front rim.

Blake shoots straight up and down, he doesn't dip the ball, I don't remember if he turns, his shot isn't one motion, and that's probably partially because he doesn't dip and is trying to keep the ball high through his whole shot. He doesn't need to do all those things, but improve one or two will improve his shot MUCH faster than attempting many shots over the summer.

He has no issues with work ethic, he just has issues with mechanics, but his work ethic can allow for a non-mechanically sound shot like his to shoot 66% over a season, but will he ever be consistent without some mechanical changes? Probably not.

He caught Blake on abandoning rebounding to leak out. Let's not get it twisted though, he did this in his rookie season also. Those are habits that you have to drill out, you can't just tell a player and have it stop. They will stop for a while, but it is habitual now, so he will just revert.

He's wrong about Blake getting benched for FT shooting though, it was just a bad shooting game. Also he's wrong about no one else rebounding, Paul does a great job on the glass

The shooting fog is real:

In terms of shot coaching, at 2:20, you can see the problem. Coaches are teaching a certain way of shooting, but they are actively shooting a different way. Similarly players say to shoot one way, but don't actually shoot like that.

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This guy has great hindsight. He always knows exactly what went wrong after the fact.

It's a pity that NBA coaches are tasked with actually winning games instead of picking teams apart after losses, or he might have a real coaching job.

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That's why he's a high school basketball coach, and not one at the professional level.

Blake really needs to remove that hitch from his free throw shooting, or it's going to come back and bite him.

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