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Between Jamal and Darren we should have enough offense to keep us in the game. The glaring weakness is the lack of defense coming from our reserve big men. Come trade deadline we need to fix this problem, otherwise we will have to outshoot our opponents and GSW and Phoenix have already proven that just doesn't win in the playoffs

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I totally agree about our back up bigs.

The other thing about the bench's offense is that last season Barnes was having some decent scoring games and that has not happened at all this season. Hopefully that is just temporary. Also if Doc can land us a defensive big he can play him next to Jamison giving us some more offense and D.

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"Rivers conceded that playing Howard straight up without defensive help might not have been his preferred strategy had the stakes been greater, but the early portion of a season often serves as an extended clinic. Single coverage down low strengthens the principles of a team's base defense -- even if it takes a few lumps on a single night in November. Asked to cite other examples of tactics he'd employed while giving up 118 points to Houston, he quickly pointed to the team's approach to James Harden, who finished with 15 points in 33 minutes. The Clippers opted to deny Harden....

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We shoulda gave dwight a standing Ovation. Just my two cents, a future of melo and howard woulda been nice...

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Golden State did get outshot by SA though.

Phoenix is always interesting because they were some unfortunate plays away from it "working" in the playoffs. WCF 3 times, lost in 5, 6, and 6, but of course at some point in time you have to defend.

Phoenix also had size issues, for example SA basically won due to offensive rebounds

SAS: 118.6 Ortg, 11.0 TOV, .197 FTA/FG, .529 eFG%, 35.4 ORB%

PHO: 114.0 Ortg, 12.5 TOV, .186 FTA/FG, .534 eFG%, 26.8 ORB%

They had small positives in other areas, but the main one was offensive rebounds.

If this team can score that much, both personnel and coaching wise the defense just has a much better prognosis.

How did Dallas win?

DAL: 114.4 Ortg, 9.9 TOV, .241 FTA/FG, .485 eFG%, 32.2 ORB%

PHO: 111.5 Ortg, 11.4 TOV, .181 FTA/FG, .534 eFG%, 21.3 ORB%

FT's and Offensive rebounds were their main advantages

Lakers was a different situation, they had Robin Lopez and their offense was arguably even more potent, but they didn't have the individual defenders in Bell and Marion. If you could have mixed the size of the 09-10 team and the perimeter defense of the 05-06 team, they really had a good chance

LAL: 124.2 Ortg, 10.1 TOV, .210 FTA/FG, .552 eFG%, 32.6 ORB%

PHO: 119.6 Ortg, 10.8 TOV, .306 FTA/FG, .530 eFG%, 28.4 ORB%

Lakers were the only team that actually out-shot them from the field. Lakers were also the only team that didn't draw more fouls and didn't have a big offensive rebounding advantage. The 09-10 team had Amare/Frye/Lopez in comparison to the earlier teams with Marion at PF and Diaw at C in 2006.

Their offense was certainly still powerful in the post-season, but they couldn't defend mainly because they couldn't grab the rebound. The Lakers 124.2 Ortg is just legendary, even Memphis at 119 Ortg in their 4 wins wasn't that good, but Memphis at 119 is as impressive since they were a bad offensive team during the season and that Laker team was not bad, and much better if healthy.

So even if the Clippers this season are similar to that team:

1) Can they rebound better defensively? - Yes

2) Do they have a better defensive coach? - Yes

3) Do they have better defensive players? - Maybe (Marion and Raja were pretty good though)

So even in that way, this team has better potential.

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It's so funny every time we win, the fans of the other teams blame refball and say we are overrated. Literally it's always down to refball in their eyes. We get no credit from anyone, but it is still mind boggling how bad our defense is.

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Barnes has been pretty quiet this season. Last year Barnes and Butler split time almost at a 50-50% split. I don't see that happening this year because Dudley has actually stepped it up. I think so far our starting small forward is actually proving to be better than the second string small forward. Last year that was not the case, and I remember Barnes being more effective during many moments, which is why the time split was so even.

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