Clippers Forward Antawn Jamison Isn't in Doc Rivers' Mix So

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Clippers forward Antawn Jamison isn't in Doc Rivers' mix so far

Antawn Jamison, 37, didn't play in first two games, and Coach Doc Rivers hints he's saving the veteran forward for later in season.

The bolded is interesting. Looks like Doc is already looking to address the big man issue and Jamison isn't being played since he is being saved for later apparently.

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I don't really don't think Jamison should be babied. Run him 5-10 minutes a night rest him on back to backs. All these DNP-CD are just going to serve to rust him for the playoffs.

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theres 82 games, lots of time to get in shape, good choice.

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I agree, it must be challenging to stay engaged when you don't play at all. Though Jamison seems to have a good attitude about it.

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Hed be useful if we have a solid post defender next to him. We can use his range. Next to Okafor he`ll be less of a liability then next to Mullens-Hollins.

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Jamison is 37 but he still has a good legs can run and cut i hope he can at least play even just few minutes and we forgot Willy Green too. I hope Jamison is like Green always ready and firing once he step in the floor.

I love the attitude of this two.

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While I love the idea of saving Antawn Jamison for later use in the season, and he knew that was what he was signed for... I will agree that he should get some time, even sparingly to keep his legs and body at least serviceable so when his time does come that he needs to play more, he's not like me when I wake up hungover in the morning lol.

I think we have an extra roster spot right now, why not sign a guy with a non guaranteed contract or a 10 day contract? Hope the team keeps a good eye on the D League. I don't think there's reason to panic or worry at all.

it's also entirely possible Doc may see need to sit Blake out once and awhile, or slash his minutes greatly during blowouts, and thus give Jamison large minutes every so often.

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