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The hell are they 5-1 right now? How do they manage to continue to not only start off well, but look good doing it? Duncan is about 2 games from retirement, Ginobili is at best a role player off the bench and Parker is getting weaker as each game goes on.

To have this kind of success is admirable on all fronts. I can't see them falling below a 3 seed in the playoffs, and still making it to the 2nd round with no problem.

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Right now they are doing it through defense. Something our team is allergic to currently. They aren't getting it going offensively strangely enough.

All I know is once Duncan retires and Pop too the Spurs won't be nearly that consistent.

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What has surprised me is this.

Lineup GP MIN Pace OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg +/-

Starters 10 99 95.8 93.5 92.7 +0.8 -4

Other 14 572 97.2 108.3 92.2 +16.1 +173

Total 14 671 97.0 106.1 92.3 +13.9 +169

The Spurs have been winning games via their bench strength. The starting lineup isn't doing very well but the bench is killer. A net rating of 16.1 is crazy good. That means the Spurs have the best bench in the league handily but the starters are underachieving and is only a bit better than average compared to other starting lineups.

In comparison our bench only had a net rating a bit higher than 1 because the bench defense is putrid.

However, in terms of net rating(11) we have the 5th best starting unit in the league and we play our starters together more than any other team.

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They have a very good franchise, team and coach. Yup, it's that simple.

Maybe next year they won't be as good. wink

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As long as they have Pop, Duncan, and Parker, they'll be in the conversation of legitimate contenders. That being said, the window seems to be closing on TD's career, maybe another year after this year..

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