Anybody Notice The Difference In The Clippers Screens?

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I haven't seen anybody talk about this. We went from worst screens/pathetic effort on screens to being maybe the BEST team in the league when it comes to screens. I'm seeing Celtics/Spurs level screens this season, 100 percent of that credit probably goes to the coaching staff making a priority.

Imagine how hard of a time guys like Redick/Dudley would be having right now if Griffin/DJ weren't setting screens? I'm even seeing Redick set a few awesome screens every game against bigger players. Lack of hard screens was something that infuriated me the last couple years. Thoughts?

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Yup. They're really sticking with solid screens instead of cheating on them. And I never noticed guards screening before I saw Doc do that in training camp with Redick. I'm sure other teams do it, but I never really noticed.

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This is what coaching can do.

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JJ's game needs screens to make it work.

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Yeah, Blake is actually setting some good screens. And not just on pick and roll. Like secondary screens to get shooters open.

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yea i noticed this since pre season. my bro and i were talking about how many open shots we are creating because our bigs are finally setting solid screens. We have strong bigs and they need to use their big bodies to help get others good shots.

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I noticed...

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I don't think We do the best screens in the game, that's a little too high of praise. They are far better than last year though. I think it's mainly a result of better play calling and more emphasis on setting screen, allot of double screens and off ball screen's, witch I don't think happened that often last year. Plus it's an essential part of Doc\Gentrys system, so they'll become better once they truly grasp everything.

But no, I didn't notice much, Possibly because I love Paul Pierce and always watched Celtic games, so it seemed rather normal.

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