Slowly But Surely Doc Is Molding The Clippers

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Awesome read.

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Thanks 86. Interesting stuff about the time zone travel issues and his grind-it-out D not translating.

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Thanks for the great article, CF86! It was very interesting to know that the time zone difference and the morning shoot-around in Orlando factored into the Clippers' lackluster performance against the Magic. Doc will definitely be making adjustments to the team shoot-around schedule the next road trip to the east.

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Ok so I didn't add 1 and 1. So that could well factor in to the Orlando performance

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In terms of travel, the East also has their complaints. When Eastern teams are coming to the West for a 7:30 pm game, it is like playing a 10:30 pm game back home, and ending at 1 am! When a West team goes East for a 7:30 pm game, it is like playing a 4:30 pm game which is equivalent to when they would be at shoot around before a game.

The only time it is bad for a West Coast team is an early day Eastern game like a 12pm or 3pm cause then it's like playing at 9am, lol, but those are much less often (Sundays usually) than the regular everyday of the week 10:30 pm games in the West that a Eastern teams have to endure. That's like the time when their games would be ending.

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I understand it but I don't buy it for basketball. I think that excuse is better for NFL. West coast teams are playing at 10am start times when traveling east and getting hit and more physical early in the morning.

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Yeah, but generally their games are closer in terms of travel time.

I mean... New Orleans in the West? It's practically in Florida, FFS!

At least most of our division games are in state. I feel bad for OKC being in the Northwest division. On second thought, no I don't... f*ck 'em.

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As much as we are sometimes disappointed that some of these games are close, I feel like these games are preparing us to be better overall than all those blowouts we orchestrated last year. It's hard to learn anything when you're firing on all cylinders. Yet when we have to fight to win close battles knowing we haven't played our best, we can learn a lot.

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The current trend of this team is basically play piss poor defense the first half then suddenly play good-great defense in the 3rd quarter and maybe part of the 4th. Its frustrating because it seems like the potential is there....

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