Matt Barnes Ejection Tweet-WOW! (P. 3)

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I see what you mean but I really think a superstar getting superstar money should really help out their role players who did something for their team, and Barnes did that night, although it could've ended up worst, Clips did win.

What Barnes did was for Blake, whether Blake wanted it or not, or wanted to remain professional. If I see someone disrespecting my little brother, I wouldn't ask my brother for permission to kick that guys ass, it would be out of instinct to protect someone you care.

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@BA_Turner: Clippers also looking into suspendng Barnes, sources.


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definitely seems like what a wife would say to her man. However, Matts wife is very protective of him. Check out the video where he gets pulled over by cops and is with him

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Article up on regarding this incident: ... tweet-fine

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Just saw the first take video for first time.

Matt did not escalate the whole thing. As we know, Blake and Ibaka have a history. Matt remembers last year free shot and non suspension to Ibaka.

Matts' job is to be our enforcer. We have discussed this many time on this board. Yes Blake should step up, but that is why he has teammates. As we saw in last game, A Matt ejection hurts the team less than a Blake ejection.

The whole thing starts with Griffin and Ibaka getting tangled together. They had done this during the game. Blake did not let go and Ibaka took exception. That is how it all got escalated.

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On a weird note, for some reason my facebook page actually recommended the Serge Ibaka page. LOL

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All I want to know is did Blake Griffin pay Matt Barnes' fine? It would be nice if he did.

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So what penalty did Ibaka get? Has the league decided on his fate? He should have been suspended last year in the Griffin "Nut-Gate" incident.

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No way. Our owner is donald sterling. The same owner that goes into the locker room to look at beautiful black bodies lol ... nba-304544

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