Chris Paul Warned for Flopping vs. Timberwolves

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Probably deserved it tbh. Not sure what flop they are referring to but I have seen him flop a few times already. Razz

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Here is the video: ... index.html

It looked like he was trying to get to the ball and fell down, but I guess it could be interpreted as a flop. I guess if you accidentally slip & fall, and the ref for some reason calls a foul on the opposing player closest to you, then you flopped.

It's tot as bad as that Harden one where he was the one who initiated the contact and then collapsed to the ground.

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I don't know, normally I'm one to defend players in flopping cases, but the flop looked pretty clear to me.

On a side note, who downvoted this thread and why? I provided a link with a fact. Not liking the decision to warn CP3 doesn't seem like a good reason for a downvote...

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Well those from those camera angles you can't really tell. There were two different angles and in one Pek or some other TWolve big was in the way and you couldn't tell at all. In the other it was not well sighted either but you could see better and if I had to guess it was prob a flop but really can't see well enough.

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50/50 to me. There was definitely contact between Rubio's hand and CP3's face, but it seemed like CP3 had already decided to hit the deck when it occurred, hence "embellishment".

I think the warnings/fines should be reserved for when no foul occurs (like the Harden one). Sometimes, a player has to overdo his reaction a little just to get the refs to notice. Blake used to get butchered in the paint with no call at all. If he'd embellished his reactions he would have shot twice as many FT's and never been warned.

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whatever as long as Lebron and others get their warnings too....

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