Why Do You Dislike the Lakers, Grizzlies, Etc?

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Why do we dislike certain franchises? Is it because of the franchise as a whole? Certain Players or Coaches? Why do we dislike the Heat or Lakers? Is it because of the franchise or the players like Kobe or LeBron! Some teams I just do not like! The Grizzlies... I just cannot stand them as a whole! The Lakers... I just do not like the franchise, I do not hate Kobe like I hate Marc Gasol or Zach Randolph! I am actually glad Kobe has returned to practice ( @WojYahooNBA: Y! Sources: After tearing Achilles, Kobe Bryant returned to Lakers practice on Saturday. http://t.co/r2kj4yUDMM ) It is good for the league!

So tell me why you dislike certain franchise because I am curious to know!

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Hard to say why.. but it turned out i hate the lakers more than the grizzlies.. as i was happy the grizzlies beat them. I guess what's hatable most about the grizzlies is their way of playing, they play like its a rugby match and than complain when they get fouled. For the lakers its probably at most the fans, spoiled people who expect the best players are just all going to end up at their team.

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I don't hate the Lakers... I hate their fans... I dislike Z-bo on memphis because he is a bully.. but the team I dislike the most is GSW... Because if the new rivalry thing... Player I hate the most would have to be Ibaka from OKC. I don't think Memphis is on the map anymore. Okc and GSW are new rivals... Lakers aren't good so....

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I hate the lakers because since I have been a clippers fan (1997) the players and the fans have always grated the clippers players and fan like crap. They act like they are better in every way and basically are the opposite of the hardworking but exciting clippers.

The grizzlies are just boring and lame to me

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I don't hate the Lakers as much as I hate the Grizzlies. And primarily it's Z Bo. His cheap shots, his attitude. The fact his childish antics get more respect around the league than Blake's more reserved style. And, of course, the fact we had to face them two preseasons in a row.

Having said that, I can't wait to see the game coming up! We GOTTA get some payback!

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I dislike a ton of NBA teams, but I truly HATE everything the Lakers stand for, especially their dim-witted, overpopulated clones they call a fan base.

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Grizzlies: Dirty team

Lakers: Stupid, entitled fans

Warriors: Bigoted, hypocrite coach. Unwarranted cockiness from punk PG

Thunder: Babied by refs

That about covers it.

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Don't forget the heat they have pretty much everything you just stated.

a cocky point guard. dirty players that like to throw cheap shots. a stupid nut hugging fan base that thinks Lebron is jesus. and babied by refs.

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Miami is in the East. I couldn't care less about East coast teams unless we meet in the Finals.

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This. Their arrogance even when they're not very good (like this year) never ceases to surprise me.

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Agree but I still like Zbo. Blake if he plays dirty play dirty back.

LAL fans are strange. Last yr they were playing with heart and Kobe left it all on the floor I told them I thought they would make the PO's and they deserved to because of their effort. LAL fans told me that I my u-trow were full of ****. and I was an arse.This year they are playing well. I've told LAL fans that I admire them and am pulling for them. They are playing with the fire that LAC lacks. They tell me that they don't care. If LAL can't be champions they won't follow them. They diss me for pulling for them


They comment on how many rings they have. Answer Yes and an old man's d*ck used to work but it doesn't now.

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I bet those teams fanbase can come up with numerous reasons for hating/disliking us. Its what makes a fan A Fan.

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