Cp3 1 Game Away from History

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Sucks we lost to Memphis, the Lakers on opening night and our defense is pretty poor... but the fact is CP3 is thriving on Doc Rivers' system. His shooting %'s are down, but I think at least 2-3 shots of his a game, are forced purely on the fact we seem to be an offensive first system in total. And other games, 5-6 shots seem to be forced.

Doc needs to get some better plays for CP3 because I know this isn't his style. He's a high percentage shooter all across the board and it seems he's either being forced too, or taking poor shot selections simply because of the system. I'm pumped he's gotta 11 10+ pt 10+ ast nights in 11 games so far, and I feel he can break Magic's record of 11 no problem and perhaps add onto that total but I think the team on offense needs to slow down a bit, and give a little more effort to the defensive side of the ball.

Clearly we are a superior offensive team. Even DJ is performing at a high level on offense. Cp3 is a 15-22PPG scorer easily, Blake can get 20 no problem, Redick can be a 12-30 PPG game if given the green light, and Crawford is in a world of his own. Let's focus more on team defense. But let's also help CP3 out so we can get a record for a guy who really deserves it and I think Magic would be proud of the guy that broke the record. Cp3 is in a class of his own, good luck to him next game but let's try to slow it down and get back to the fundamentals a bit more for the rest of the season!

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He isn't taking more bad shots than usual. He is missing the shots he usually makes.

The record is nice but not all that important. Cp3 has much more important things to worry about than a relatively unimportant record.

Getting "back to the fundamentals" is easier said than done. We will see. So far we haven't had a single game where we truly locked down defensively.

We don't have the best defenders especially when it comes to our bench but we shouldn't be this bad....

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Hopefully he'll pass Magic, whatever pressure there is will be off and his shooting comes back.

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It would be great if he broke Magic's records but there are so many records in a a stat heavy sport like bball that he probably does have more important things to worry about. Like getting his mid range jumper to be money again like it normally is.

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lets be honest, no one knew this record existed in the first place. its one of those situational records.

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Has nothing to do with style or getting better shots, he's missing shots he usually makes. CP just needs to make more of his shots, he needs a 5/6 3PT and high FG% game! well a couple. CP is an isolation scorer. Part of what makes him so good is that he's so good at scoring in iso, and he's getting those as well as his pick and rolls.

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