Chris Wilcox on Clippers' Radar As Odom Fallback (P. 2)

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With how bad our backup bigs are it would be shocking/very bad if they didn't.

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By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) I'm going to explain what the "made up trade is," to avoid any confusion.

It seems some people occasionally believe these weekly trades are real, even though the title of the post is "Made Up Trade," I refer to the trade as "made up trade," and I mention that the trade was constructed by Ethan Giles (follow on Twitter @Giles1228), who is a friend of mine who is a college student.

But to be clear, this is not a real trade. This is an exercise in fun, and hypothetical situations. The classic sports radio "would you make this trade" scenario. If you do not find this sort of exercise fun, that's just fine, but this isn't for you.

With that said, here's this week's trade.

Sixers Get:

Ed Davis ($3.2 Million, One Year)

Jamaal Franklin ($535 Thousand, Three Years)

Clippers Get:

Spencer Hawes ($6.5 Million, One Year)

Grizzlies Get:

Jeff Green ($8.7 Million, Three Years)

Jamal Crawford ($5.2 Million, Three Years)

Celtics Get:

Tayshaun Prince ($7.2 Million, Two Years)

2014 First Round Pick from Memphis

Why The Sixers Do It:

This trade is basically Spencer Hawes for Ed Davis for the Sixers. The downside of Davis is that he can be a restricted free agent after this season, but the upside is that he's only really produced during the first half of last season for the Raptors, before he was traded to Memphis. So though he'll be a restricted free agent, the Sixers will have an opportunity to keep him at a reasonable price if he produces. At 6'10″, Davis still has the potential to be a good power forward in the NBA, given the right situation.

Why The Clippers Do It:

One of the Clippers' problems is that their frontcourt duo of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are bad free throw shooters, which is problematic in the closing minutes of close games. And though Jordan is quite an athlete, he still has very little offensive game to speak of. Hawes gives them an offensive minded center, who can contribute in crunch time.

Why The Grizzlies Do It:

Memphis needs perimeter scoring, especially now that Zach Randolph seems to be on the downside of his career, and is providing less of a low post scoring threat. Crawford and Green provide that perimeter scoring punch, and we'll hope that the analyics minded Grizzlies are desperate enough to give Jeff Green a try.

Why The Celtics Do It:

They get to trade three years of overpaying Jeff Green for two years of overpaying Tayshaun Prince, and get a first round pick out of it. No-brainer.

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yup, I hear that our starters actually rank a respectable 9th in defense. its when the bench comes in that our defense drops....biggest culprit being Mullens

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Well that's an encouraging stat! I really do feel like Griffin and Jordan grasped the system fairly quickly and it's clearly visible already. Think our weakness is still perimeter defense which I'm sure will progress.

It's a little upsetting to think that our starters are doing so well defensively playing the large minutes they're playing and our overall state is so heavily affected by a bench that seems less involved than ever before. Gives you a perspective on how poor our bench defense is...

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This would be so awesome! But unfortunately the 76ers would never bite :/ It just wouldn't make sense for them outside of the idea that they really really want Wiggins. If only...

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^that would be a good trade for Philly and us.

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I hate this trade. I can't 'justify trading crawford. Spencer Hawes would solve our defensive big rebounding/defense problem off the bench.

But leaves a gaping scoring hole, and a clutch guy who can score/shoot when the offense stagnates.

I've watched every game this season and last season and there are too many times no one can score in the 4th quarter, things are sinking fast and crawford hits big shots.

I just don't think we can make up his scoring in clutch shots. Willie green can't do it and neither can bullock.

Sorry terrible trade in my opinion.

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^ Yeah, I'd hope to get more back for Jamal.

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I don't think it is even possible to get that much for Jamal not to talk of getting more. Teams aren't lining up to trade a 25 year old 18/11/3/2 Center for a 33 year old scoring SG.

Jamal has more value to the team if people believe his bench creating an scoring is a necessity than he does trade value. Jamal getting a good big man is probably above his trade value already, let alone getting more.

I don't see Boston biting at all on that trade, the other teams I could see the reasoning, but Boston seems to like Green.

I don't see the Clippers biting either, not because of Jamal for Hawes but because giving the Grizzlies Jeff Green and Jamal Crawford for Ed Davis and first round pick is very, very generous. The Grizz look like the biggest winner.

If Charlotte bought out Ben Gordon and he agreed to come here, then a trade like this makes everyone happy as Ben Gordon can take on that bench scoring guard role. He's still capable despite not playing in Charlotte.

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The trade is well thought, but I dont like this for Philly , actually. They probably want a pick for Hawes. Davis is pretty bad right now. I havent seen Franklin play, though. Memphis gets a lot better, and while Willie is pretty ok, he aint Jamal. And Hawes contract is expiring, so probably it could be a rental.

With that being said, Id love to see Hawes, Mullins and Kamans extreme rednecking in LA. It could be hilarious.

And about Wilcox. How is his d? And his heart issues? I know he can score, but actually I want a defensive big man in the second unit. For a reserve big who can score we have Jamison, Mullens (if he finally gets it along) and we can go small with Dudley and Barnes. Hollins has improved, but he aint gonna cut it alone.

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Hawes would be a solid pick up but we would lose a ton of scoring off the bench with jamal gone

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