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Guys I'm stuck...... I'm a car guy and hopefully there are a few other car guys that can help me out with something.... I need a 4 door sedan... Only problem is the sedan needs to have some balls. Here is a list of cars I've owned. 2002 Honda Civic SI, 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution 8, 2005 Dodge srt-4, 2009 GMC Denali truck::currently own:: 1989 GMC Sierra, 1985 IROC Z28, 2007 Yamaha R1, 2009 Infiniti G37s. I have 2 kids. One is 3 and the other is 11 (step son). My kids are getting bigger and them slipping in and out of my Infiniti G37s Coupe is getting a little rough. My wife has a 2009 Mazda CX-9 so I don't need an suv...

Enough with the back story this is what I am looking for...

#1. Vehicle has to have a V8

#2. Vehicle must have at least 400hp

#3. Vehicle has to be stick shift (will settle for SMG or DCT)

#4. Vehicle must obviously have 4 doors.

#5. Vehicle must be rear or all wheel drive.

#6. Vehicle must show "some" signs of luxery

#7. Vehicle must have navigation

#8. Must have sliding moon roof.

Here are the competitors in Order of wanting.

#1. 2011+ Cadillac CTS-V wagon (or sedan). Pros:Blistering fast speed. Good looks (Objective), Rare, Supports an American product, ease of and cost of repairs. Pros:most expensive on this list

#2 2008+ E90 Bmw M3. Pros:Beautiful vehicle, Makes a nice sound with the n/a 4.0L v8 Cons: only 414hp 295tq, cost of repairs will be expensive. Cost of modding even more expensive.

#3 2006+ E60 M5. Pros:500hp NA V10 (Best sounding on the list). Fairly cheap. Largest interior room. Cons:Cost of repairs are going to be crazy. Least reliable.

#4 2006-2007 Cadillac cts-v. Pros:Cheap, 6.0L v8 easy to mod. American product. Cons:Dated. only 400hp 400tq

#5 2004-2005 cadillac cts-v. Pros: Cheapest on the list. 5.7L Ls6 (z06 engine) makes decent horsepower. Cons: very dated, powder puff rear end, still only make 400hp.

Honorable mentions: Pontiac g8 gxp. Cons: Still very expensive for not much hp/tq. Looks very basic. Not much luxury.

So what do you think about the list. Which would you choose with what was mentioned. Not worried about gas mileage. If I come up with something else I'll put that in.

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I can't offer objective advice under the criteria you list, but I can say that the car Blake Griffin jumped over is in my driveway (not the exact one of course) and it's a fun car to drive, is a good family car (the kids love the heated seats in the back and the panoramic roof), and gets 35MPG on the highway. It's my wife's, but when I run an errand in the evening I usually take it and test the turbo. It's a race car compared to my 2013 Wrangler Unlimited, but I love my Jeep for the reason I bought it for, to get me to and from fly fishing destinations.

To each his own though. I just thought I'd throw that out there in case you wanted to expand your criteria. Good luck finding a new vehicle that you love!

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Of your options, definitely one of the CTS-V models! I you're willing to sacrifice on power, the Subaru legacy 3.6 has a beautiful AWD system, but if I'm could afford it, I'd go with the CTS. I'd go sedan though, personally find the wagon impressively ugly.

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my wife just gave me the go ahead on the cts-v. I'm fine with the sedan but I really like the wagon. It is rather ugly online but looks great in person plus the extra room in the back is great for many different things. Its always nice when you pull up to a corvette and smoke it.. i mean... what does the guy do .. he was just beat by a wagon lol... Lingenfelter sells an upgrade kit for 1900 dollars... brings the wheel horsepower to 650. that is well worth the price. I'm buying in february. My 30th birthday.

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those are nice.. but I'm looking for a little more lol.

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Whatever you do, just don't get a reconditioned classic.

Every single commercial for boner pills or male hormone replacement has a guy driving a classic 'vette or 'stang.

The only possible explanation is that driving one of those makes your d*ck soft.

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Have you looked into the Mercedes C63 AMG? You said SMG/DCT were an option so this might work out

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DECISION MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 556HP 551TQ Supercharged 6.2L V8

What do you guys think?

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Just noticed this. Whoa that CTS looks great- looks like you went for the sedan over the wagon. Congrats Clippers FTW! How are you liking it so far?

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I have an infiniti and that thing is so reliable and has never broken down..and I have had it since 2004, id trust my life to that car.

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Congrats! I got to this post a bit late, but definitely a great pick. What an aggressive looking and sounding car (I've heard those damn things ROAR across the highway.) The only negative I read about the car was the handling, and that's only because it is obnoxiously powerful!

Man, drive safely. Such a nice color as well!

Wanted my pops to pick one of these up, but didn't end up happening. Congrats again, enjoy!

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