Shaun Livingston or Eric Bledsoe

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Which former Clipper back up point guard had the highest theoretical peak? We have yet to see Bled's and unfortunately never saw Shaun's. He was about to break out (similar to what Bled is doing now).

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Bledsoe. Tbh I hated Livingston's game. Sure he had nice vision but the guy couldn't shoot. They would give him a wide open 15 footer and he wouldn't take it

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I don't know how much you can argue that Bledsoe was a higher prospected shooter than Livingston early in his career (Not exactly a shooter himself), but I think I would give it to Bledsoe too if not on the explosive driving abilities than on the energetic defensive level. And much of the defensive prowess is still untapped. Just feels like a whole different roof for Bledsoe

Though Livingston's vision was always a trait that was reveered and should be mentioned in the debate. Think he's obviously the winner in that department.

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Definitely Livingston IMO. People were comparing him to Magic because he is a tall PG. It was obvious that Livy had to bulk up, though.

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Livingston definitely had more hype, but Bledsoe is developing into a beast, not sure Livingston would've ever been able to live up to the hype even if he stayed healthy.

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Yeah, I'd have to go with Bledsoe. I loved Livingston's game, but Bleds relentless havoc on opposing PG's seemed to drive a lot of them crazy. Rubio reminds me a lot of Livingston, and without a shot I don't think either will ever live up to the hype (I know it is likely too late for Livingston). I think Bled is one of the biggest reasons why we killed the Flakers last year, because as soon as he came in they had trouble getting it to half court let alone running anything that resembled a play. I can't remember someone that was under 6'3 that caused so much havoc on the defensive end. I've seen him up close and he looks more like a stout running back or a linebacker than a basketball player in my opinion.

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I feel like a dad asked to pick his favorite kid.

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Current Livingston would be awesome off the bench.

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Blesode has already shown improvement. I was the biggest Livingston fan but its been years and he still has no jumper. If Livingston never got hurt and develpoed a jumper he would be the best pg in the game.

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Bledsoe more years to improve.

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