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At center you really wouldn't command for the player to provide spacing. Also like Doc is using the bench at full mode then you have a chance at getting offensive rebounds. You line up shooters around Reggie and have guys cutting like Barnes and Crawford. It seems even Hollins has been pulled back on his minutes.


Crawford or Jackson

Bullock or Barnes or Jackson

Barnes or Jamison or Jackson


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Weird game. I watched the whole thing, knowing we lost.

We started off with pretty good ball movement. Then the bench came in and we lost all momentum. Still, we had a chance when our starters came back in as long as they continued to play good team basketball. But something strange happened. Paul started to get schooled by D Will. In a couple of cases, he made Paul looks stupid on defense, another instance, Paul just left him wide open. Which then led to Paul trying to match D Will shot for shot. There were some moments where he could have sent it inside to Blake. Blake was near the paint with his hand extended and Paul would have none of it.

Then in the second have we got cold. I mean colder than we were even in the first half.

Blake may have been 2-8, but I ain't too mad at him. Other than a couple of jumpers he passed up, I liked that he drove to the basket a couple of times. I thought he looked sharp over all, drew a lot of fouls. Drew a lot of doubles, even triples (why not triple him when nobody around him can shoot worth a damn). Made some good passes. Grabbed a lot of rebounds early on. Heck, I thought Blake even did a great job defending KG and Blatche (much of Blatche's points came against other guys).

Blake gave a real workmanlike performance. But I do miss his back to the basket offense. Say what you will but I think his low post game is UNDERRATED. And I agree with those who suggest we send the ball down low to BG until JJ comes back. Hell, I said that as soon as we lost our first game without Redick. A year ago, I remember a game where Blake got the entire front court of OKC in foul trouble. Did he do that by taking a bunch of jumpers? Or by standing around at the elbow? No. He did it down low.


I'm getting less impressed with DJ's emphatic dunks. 2nd game in a row where he blew a dunk by trying too hard. Also I noticed twice when he guarded Blatche, then Pierce at the corner 3 point line. He raises his left hand, but it doesn't block their view at all. I can tell because of where the camera angle is. They could easily see the basket. Both nailed their shots. DJ has got to maybe raise both hands or figure out where the hell to put his left. I mean, if he's gonna try to guard the 3.

What can I say about our wings? They continue to miss open jumpers. It's becoming a problem.

Oh, and why the hell was Dudley doubling Lopez while Blake was guarding him? Especially with the hurt ankle. Blake's been playing solid D all game long. That was strange and we got burned because of it.

And I don't want to hear this BS about trading Blake or wanting CP3 over Blake. As far as I'm concerned, Paul's selfish personal competition against D Will was as much a reason we lost today as anything else. It totally took the offense out of the sync it was in when the game started. And maybe, just maybe Paul's defense just isn't that good. How many point guards have burned us this season so far?

When JJ gets back, we'll see Blake thrive, just like he did before. He needs some consistent shooting to be more effective, just like most big men do.

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Having vented. We DID lose to these guys in BKN last year. They had some momentum winning two games before. This IS the second of a back-to-back after winning a pretty emotional game. That, plus our ongoing shooting woes and injuries, had a lot to do with this loss. Nothing to do with this lack of "toughness" Charles Barkley was talking about.

Just saw Doc's post game interview. He seemed especially irritated with the bench. Said they basically "gave it all away" in the first half.

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I guess today was a good day to work overtime. From what i have read and the box score it was brutal.

The 3 ball just will not fall.

17! missed free throws, 5 by Jamal (what gives?).

Low assists (team wise).

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Let's just hope they win in dc and get rejuvenated by being home.

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They did. We had a 13 pt lead just before they came in.

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Someone should tell Blatche to stop shooting on DJ so much, doesn't he know DJ's going to be DPOY?

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I'm just pissed how barkley always baggin' on the clips like we will never be a contender team to win a ship like he has won a ring before.. Just want blake and dj prove this motherf* wrong

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It doesn't help that TNT is broadcasting our game while we are:

a) depleted with injuries

b) on our 6th straight road game

c) 2nd of a back-to-back

d) coming off Doc's emotional win

It was a recipe for disaster.

To Hell with TNT.

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Because he was right about Blake and DJ.

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CP or BG has to be tougher, 1 of them has to be willing to go out there and just say i am taking over give me the damn ball, sometimes team ball is not going to work and you just have to go out there and make it happen, none of our players are willing to do that. JC is not afraid of jacking up shots but we need 1 of our starters to do this.

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Blake is too passive.. If blake doesn't want to post then let Dj do it. I Have seen dj do hook shot left or right and he has the right for he just need to get used to it

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Good i was not able to watch it last night.

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Paul got Deron in the first quarter but after that it was over. I think its a mental thing where Deron just finds ways to beat a Paul led team. Thankfully he is in the Eastern conference. Team needs to get home and recover some injured bodies the road trip was a bust even still.

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he'd probably get 1 out of 5 of those hooks off with the other 4 leading to turnovers.

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I was shocked at how quick there was a turn around in that game.

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