Deandre Jordan is the Ultimate X-Factor

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Los Angeles Clippers: DeAndre Jordan Is Ultimate X-Factor By Maxwell OgdenDecember 16, 2013 12:46 PM COMMENTARY | The Los Angeles Clippers are one of the most popular choices to represent the Western Conference in the 2014 NBA Finals. Head coach Doc Rivers has a championship pedigree, point guard Chris Paul is playing MVP-caliber basketball, and Blake Griffin is rapidly silencing the critics. Through all of this, it's center DeAndre Jordan who has emerged as the NBA's ultimate X-Factor. Every team has a player whose success or failure determines the outcome of said organization's season. It goes without saying that, without CP3, the....

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I thought I would post this up since there are many posters who have brought up the effectiveness of DJ on the defensive end, thoughts? However, my opinion is that you know what you get with DJ, and the true x-factor this year maybe more of Dudley.

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I don't really know if I buy the stat on DJ being the worst, he usually is helping on plays he gets scored on in the paint. I don't think that would really be on him, and think this will continue to improve. The only player I thought really tore him up was Vucevic mainly because of his range, I think he has played good Defense on just about everyone else. Blatche went off but he was shooting from over 12 feet away. Overall I think the stats show him as a much worse defender than I actually think he is.

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As someone who watched every game DJ's stats don't tell the full story.

They surely didn't tell the story against the spurs when his defensive intensity

turned the game around in the second quarter, when we were looking awful

on offense.

DJ has been a huge Defensive factor and again 25 games isn't long enough.

After All star break when he is used to Doc's system of 0 Zone 100% man defense

lets make the judge.

Right now he has made leaps and bounds compared to his previous seasons and has

been a factor.

To expect him to go from mediocre to DPOY in just 25 games is unrealistic and

possibly irresponsible journalism.

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God i hope not roll

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Zone killed him last year. He was never in good rebounding position

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