Dispelling the Blake Griffin Myths

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http://grantland.com/the-triangle/dispe ... fin-myths/

Excellent article by Zach Lowe about Griffin. Tons of numbers and statistics though, so go in mentally prepared. Very Happy

I especially love how he goes into deep detail about Griffin's post moves.

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Everybody needs to read this, fantastic.

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but... but... All he does is dunk.

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You're behind the times. Current thinking is: "OK, he's decent player... but he can't lead a team"... and when I say 'current', I mean that most of the idiots who used to say all he can do is dunk are still a couple of steps behind the ACTUAL truth.

What is this now... like, 12-3 since CP3 went down?

Yeah, that .800 record is solid evidence that Blake is not a leader.

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The funniest argument I hear against Blake is that he has never performed in the playoffs. He was fairly good in his first playoff run and was pretty terrible against the Griz last season due to injury.

Lets see his competition at the PF spot in the playoffs:

LMA: Never had a playoff run even nearly as good as Blake's first playoff run. For someone with such a great "jumper and post game" he never produced in the postseason even as second fiddle to Roy.

Love: No playoff appearances(not his fault for the most part though).

Davis: No playoffs but he is young.

Dirk/Duncan: both great playoff performers.

Outside of legends like Duncan and Dirk the rest of the PFs are bad playoff performers or never made the playoffs.

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^ Completely agree. That's why whenever anybody doubts me when I say I am the greatest basketball player currently playing the PF spot, I tell them to compare my playoff stats to Kevin Love's.

It's a close call, but I think I edge him because I make really good chicken wings while watching the games.

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