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I noticed today that we are just one game out of 2 seed in the west! We are nipping at the heels of Portland and San Antonio. What's amazing is that before our 11-3 January so far, we were like 6-7 games back of those teams. We also now sit 5 games ahead of the Warriors. A win tonight makes it 6 obviously. We need 2-3 seed to get to the finals. So I'm hoping we keep winning and CP3's return slingshots us to the 2 seed.

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We gotta keep winning, 2 games behind San Antonio or Portland, and those teams are slipping this is OUR chance, btw I think we're up 7 games on GS, one more game we win one more they lose, that is if we actually win. This is exciting.

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PHX just beat Indy so depending how we do tonight they could be 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 games behind us. I fear the Suns more then GSW.

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Oh ****, PHX is actually better than GS??? Just realized that, not worried about the Pacific title though, we won 5 more and lost 3 less than Phoenix so....

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Don't want to burst anybody's bubble, but I tend to only look at the loss column when looking at the Western standings. All the Western playoff teams are very good and win most of their games... those losses are the only games they CANNOT get back. That said, we're up 4 on the Warriors right now and 2 back from the Spurs and Blazers. Hopefully we can make it 5 against the Dubs tonight, and keep winning while SAS and POR have their off-nights.

The 2-spot is very achievable. The 1 looks pretty unlikely right now.

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They won so we gotta streak this in all W

Without bled and us without for a few cp3

Suns are impressing me and like totally dislike it haha!

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How can a 1 spot be non-achievable when we are 4.5 games back with

35-40 games left to go in the season. Mathematically speaking

the top 4 spots are up for grabs.

By your logic OKC would have a lock on the top

spot considering #2 is 3.5 games behind them and

we are only 4.5 games behind.

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The Warriors still look like a below 50-win team, but still a dangerous threat to us head-to-head.

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It's really just the same though. It only matters how many games have been played and how many of the remaining will be won or lost, don't think that would be bursting anyone's bubble.

It's pretty awesome as a longtime clipper fan to be witnessing this rise of the clipps and fall of the lake show (hopefully a longer term trend)

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Spurs are very banged up, Blazers are starting to cool down. I think 2nd seed is ours to lose. Still need to be very lucky to get that first seed though.

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Why do we always wet the bed on TNT

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17 field goals made by GS in the paint already 18 minutes into the game SMFH. Only Griffin showed up.

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Damn 1-12. Reddick and Crawford can't suck on the same night.

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This team loves to give the haters ammo. Most of them only get to see us on national TV, so they usually see us getting embarrassed and blown off the court.

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We've gained ground on San Antonio and Portland despite Paul being hurt, regardless of how bad tonights game was, things are going fairly well.

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That was rough. I won't go to Oracle to watch the Clippers play again until they win a game there. Most of the fans are okay, but the annoying few really make it unfun.

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I've been watching it like a Hawk. Paul got hurt at the perfect time if there is such a thing. Portland has also been 11-9 in their last 20 games and are like 2-4 in their last 6, but 6-4 over last 10. I really hope the team eclipses Portland. It would be nice to get last SA too.

Currently we are 33-16 and they are both 33-13, so they both need to go like 6-4 over their next 10 games and Clippers and Clippers 6-1 over their next 7, or Clippers need a little win streak.

It would really help to get Paul back because we play them both within the next 7 games. SA right before the break, then Portland right after, then 3 road games, first two vs Memphis and OKC.







San Antonio



@New Orleans

That's the next 10. 4 of the leagues top records (Miami, SA, Por, OKC), a surging Memphis since Gasol is back, and a surging Toronto post Rudy trade who have DeRozan and Paterson back and won 3 in a row since we last saw them. So 6/10 games are against good to very good teams. Give an optimistic 4-2, wins against Utah, Philadelphia and New Orleans is 7-2. Denver is iffy, no Paul yet, and on the road against them. They are a game under .500 but a decent team, that is 50/50. So could end up 7-3 or 8-2. Less optimistic 3-3 vs those 6 teams and were talking 6-4 or 7-3.

6-4 over the next 10 won't do it since Portland and SA would have to get a lot of losses. Over the next 13, they would need to be 6-7 for records to be tied.

The thing is that we play both of them, so those are must win games. Portland has a hard schedule over the next 10. Hopefully it starts with them loosing to Toronto today. They then have Indiana, OKC, LAC, SA. They also have Minnesota twice, and that's a team that can get them. I hope they are all losses, maybe just beat Minny at home. That would make them 4-6 over the next 10, and would be great. On can hope.


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lol yeah that seems to be the trend. I don't get it but if its on TNT mark that game as loss

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I figure TNT supplies the refs and the script for them to follow

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thank you east coast swing! first time in a while that the grammys didn't screw us over.

(i hate that the 2 LA teams have to deal with that sort of scheduling torture while all other teams remain unaffected. local arenas need to be used. back to the pond?)

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