An Open Letter to Adam Silver from an Nba Fan

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Dear new commissioner Adam, I would like to take this time to plead with you on what changes need to be made immediately to take the best professional game in the USA to even GREATER HEIGHTS!....

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The back-to-back excuse is getting ridiculous. How about we start winning on the second night of back-to-backs instead of whining for the league to get rid of them?

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Yeah everyone has to deal with it and I don't think it's really causing more injuries. I think the game is more athletic and requires people to push their bodies more.

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I think they should cut the schedule, other pro leagues tend to play shorter schedules and have more time off between games. A lot of more casual fans don't care much until the playoffs anyway. I'd do a 66 game schedule, 2 games against each team, 4 against teams in division. I'd rather see both teams full strength every game, than one having a big advantage from schedule.

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I like that idea, but the NBA would never cut the schedule by 16 games. They would lose too much money. I would guess that the NBA would increase the numbers before cutting them. The NBA's a business and it cares about money more than anything else.

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I personally don't like B2B's. I think they weigh heavy in favor of the resting team. I'm not complaining about the Clippers losses during a B2B, but I'm a big fan of parity and equality when you look at a schedule.

There has been talks in the past about eliminating the division and just have 2 conferences. In this case you have everyone within a conference playing each other the same amount of times.

It's hard to argue that it wouldn't be more difficult to play the Warriors one night and Thunder the next night as opposed to playing say the Lakers the second. Equal amount of B2B's is one thing, but it feels like every game against a top seeded team it's on the road on the second night.

If B2B's don't go away, I'd be a huge advocate to change the rule that the second game has to be home no matter what, even if it means traveling home. IMO, that's the only way to level out the playing field.

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I heard the NBA play more games in a season than any other pro sport. Dunno if it is true but the amount of games is staggering.

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I don't mind B2B in theory. But why so many elite teams on B2B nights? We played teams like Miami, GS, Indiana, OKC, Portland, San Antonio...ALL the second of a B2B...and ALL on the effing road...

...What the hell is up with that?

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Yeah.................not very conducive!

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