Should You Foul With The Lead In Close Games?

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Should Teams Foul With The Lead In Close Games?
 80%  [8]
 20%  [2]
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Blazers... Clippers up 3... Blazers Ball... Clippers foul... Batum makes both. Clippers with 1 point lead... They get fouled make both free throws... Up 3 again. Blazers ball. Do you foul? Or Not? Now obviously what....

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For me it depends on the situation. In the above situation if we're up 3 I think I do take the quick foul. That Is If we can get it before they try to get up a shot. Have to be cautious with that. In a situation like tonight if we're up 2 I don't think I foul. That Is basically handing them 2 points (of course they could miss). But I trust my defense tell them not to give up a 3. And contest everything. If they make a tough 2 then hey let's go to overtime. But I don't foul and give them the tie. Even though it would leave my team with the last shot. I'd rather trust my defense. Tonight that was good defense just a heck of a shot by foye.

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That's a no brainer, you foul no hesitation, especially a team like Portland who shoots 3s at a high success rate

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I have never figured out why it is a bad strategy to foul. I sure as heck would do it every game, especially with a game like last night. teams like to play "hack-a-whomever",couldn't think of a better time to hack away.

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Last night, if I was Blake I may commit a foul to Hickson and pray he will not make it in FT but Doc may also think they can't make a shot under pressure, so it's a last minute play and Randy made it. That shot doesn't come every night

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It's a terrible idea to foul up by 2. You are taking the game out of your

defense hands and handing them 2 points. Generally when you

are up by 2 your main goal is no Uncontested layups and no 3's.

Worst case scenario overtime.

Last night was a fluke. A running 30 ft by Randy Foye with 6/10th' of a sec after

a botched play. There is no defense for that. Its great when your team makes that

play, sucks when its the other team.

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If you're up 3 maybe, depends on the situation, but definitely not up two.

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That is what I meant to say

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Any other team... no... Clippers? Yes.... Remember its not the 1st time.. we lost to Blazers same way.... lost to a few teams with terrible defense at the end... Blake should have jumped out the roof to block that thing... there was only .7 or something seconds left..

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If you're up two, you are never suppose to foul. If you are up 3, it depends on how many seconds are left, who's on the court, how many time outs, who's in foul trouble, where you are playing, etc. A smart coach would analyze all of this to determine yes or no with the limited time you have to make this decision. I'll try to break it down by the recent heartbreakers:

Blazers Game

-Clippers up 3 with 9 secs left, Blazers ball

-Foul: Blazers can potentially make both and foul the Clippers hoping they will not make both. So for the Clippers, you are back to square one by being up 3 with a few secs ran off, or you can actually lose the game if you miss a FT and the Blazers hit a game winner at the end of regulation.

-No Foul: Hope for a missed shot with good defense or it goes into OT where Clippers actually had the momentum after such a comeback.

-IMO, Doc made the right decision because there was 9 secs left. We just didn't get the right defense and didn't do so well in OT.

Nuggets Game

-Clippers up 2 with 6 secs left, Nuggets ball

-Foul: HELL NO! You can't just hand them two free shots to try and tie the game. Clippers would then have to make the game winner or go into OT as the away team.

-No Foul: You just have to trust your defense and hope for a miss to win the game. Unfortunately, Foye made a hell of a 3 pt shot to win the game. You really can't defend that shot any much better or else you foul them and they get 3 FTs.

I'm no coach, but I hope you guys can see what's going on in a coach's head during that decision process. I give them props because sometimes they don't even have a timeout to anaylze it out, they just call it from the sidelines which can just be a few seconds. Anyways, just because you lose the game doesn't mean the coach made the wrong decision. As long as you play the statistics, you're going to win more games than lose.

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Of course this means when you are up 3.

In last nights case against Denver no foul, but you are suppose to run them off the 3PT line to prevent a game winner and make them shoot a tough 2.

If they make the shot at worst you go to OT

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I think it's a coach's responsibility to do whatever is needed within his power to win that doesn't include cheating (I don't want Doc spilling drinks on the floor or going all Stupid Mark chubby cheeks j@ckoff on us). If fouling Dwight gives us a win in the playoffs versus the Rockets then he has to do it. I'm not a fan of it, but you have to do it as a coach and a team.

I do hate when a player without the ball is fouled and has to shoot. I think it's interrupts the flow of the game. I don't really mind if the tactic is used when said player gets the ball. If you foul DJ as he gets the rebound is one thing, but fouling him when he inbounds it and isn't near the ball when he gets fouled is another. If you allow that then you should allow the CP3 shots that he shoots when he knows that is happening. It is all within the context of the rules. You wouldn't normally foul DJ when he inbounds the ball just like you wouldn't normally shoot a 50 ft jump shot.

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