Rumor: Jared Dudley Being Shopped by the Clippers (P. 6)

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Clipper D-League Pickup
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I think Spencer Hawes won't fit in this system yes he is a 7 footer but is a bad rebounder for his size yes he can hit a mid range shot but he is bad defensively! I think Thad Young will be a better fit but his salary cap is high.Evan Turner is a good all around player but has no 3 point shot he reminds me of a young Andre Iguodala in many ways. You know who i like a lot and who we may be able to get is Trevor Ariza a 3 and D guy i think he will fit Docs system perfectly he is big and has a long Wingspan that can guard the other teams best player either a SG or SF i think he will help this team a lot and his Salary and Dudleys Salaries match. I think it's a WIN-WIN for both teams we get a Defensive player who can hit the 3 and the Wizards get Dudley to go along with Wall,Beal,Dudley. Plus Ariza has Championship experience he was a big reason why the Lakers won a Championship. In my opinion i think this trade will be great for the Clippers.

Clipper 6th Man
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i doubt the wizards are going to give up ariza. That ship has sailed unfortunately. The clipps should have traded butler for him last season.

Clipper 6th Man
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As much as I was excited about Dudley joining the Clippers� Dudley has yet to be consistent. I'm not a fan of Barnes starting neither� Barnes role is a lot better of off the bench as a leader of the second unit. I'm waiting for Doc to give Bullock the green light to start. With the little minutes Bullock has played I have definitely been impressed especially for a rookie with minimal playing time. Than the Clippers have Hedo who has been descent for a player who hasn't played in a season and a half.

If the Clippers do decide to trade Dudley than I'm hoping the Clippers can get a small forward that can not only start but focus on defending. A power forward would be better.

Here are my two proposed trades:

A) Dudley and Jamison for Wilson Chandler from Nuggets - This dude has good size, can score and rebound, and is a solid defender. A little bit of Doc can take Chandler to the next level. Only 27 years old. Salary $6.5 million.

B) Dudley and Jamison for Brandon Bass - Undersized but this dude works hard every night. Solid mid range shot and low post game. Already knows Doc's system. No better player to rotate Blake with.

The Nuggets and Celtics will miss the playoffs so it shouldn't be that tough to get a deal going but that's just an assumption.

Clipper Starter
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I'm pretty sure we can't make trades with Boston this year.

Clipper All-Star
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They should have just set the restrictions to match the intent. The Clippers should have been banned from trading for Garnett or Pierce in 2013. But I'm pretty sure Pierce will be joining next summer

Clipper D-League Pickup
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I like those 2 trade proposals i wish the Clippers can find a way to get Trevor Ariza from the Wizards he is a 3 and D guy that will fit right in Docs system he also has a long Wingspan and is a great Defender.Arizas and Dudleys salaries match to. The Clippers need to do something this trade deadline why not start Reggie Bullock more? I just don't get it! Barnes and Dudley have been Garbage all season and i would rather have Dudley start then Matt Barnes who is a better bench player then starter!

CTB MVP Champion
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Two very reputable guys in Ken Berger and Woj said Doc is working hard to flip one of our wings for a big, Dudley being mentioned. About damn time!

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Our long national nightmare is over!

Trading Dudley for a third big would be killing two birds with one stone. Get it done, Doc!

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Still need a small forward that can defend the perimeter and prevent penetration - that is not barnes and bullock hasn't shown anything yet.

It would help if that spot was more consistent on offense too. The backup big is a major hole but so is that 3 spot.

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