Blake Griffin's Leadership Is On Full Display

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votes: 95 ull-display "He's our go to," Matt Barnes said. "Chris [Paul] knows that. Everybody knows that. I think he's just under so much scrutiny out here when people forget he's 24 [years old]. He's still a baby. He's growing game-by-game and he's one of our leaders and he does a good job at being a leader." "I'm just going to put it out there," Crawford said. "Blake [Griffin] is playing at an MVP level. Honestly, if you look at it I know [Kevin] Durant gets a lot of attention; and it's as well deserved as LeBron [James], obviously� LaMarcus [Aldridge]. But [Blake Griffin]....

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I think Blake is playing great and has made huge improvements in his game. But I have not seen him "take us home" or "finish the game" as CP3 has done a million times. There are times throughout the game where Blake is relentless and demands the ball. However, when the game is close with 2 minutes to go, it seems he is not the same player. Last game I was encouraged by his play until it was "winning" time and it seemed he disappeared, or the team stopped going to him, or he ran out of gas. This is my observation and not intended to criticize. Does anyone else feel the same way?

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Yep, I have been very pleased with Griffin's growth the last month, but in the last 6 minutes of the game, he seems happy falling back into the shadows and letting Jamal take care of it.

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I'm a huge BG fan. He's the reason I became a Clippers fan. I have watched him since day 1 with the Clips. But I must say that I also feel like he disappears a little late in the game. Not always. But many times, yes. I don't know if that's just part of his maturation process or if the offense needs to be called in a way that is going to allow him success at that time of the game. Part of it may be him but I don't think that all of it is him. I think that because he is now facing the basket regularly with the intention of taking it to the rim... I think he is more dangerous and probably more confident than ever. And I think that makes Doc want to draw something up for him in late game situations. So I think we'll see more of him asserting himself this last half of the season even with CP3 coming back.

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Guess who's 3rd in the NBA MVP Ladder? Yep

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It would be great if Blake would get more clutch because that could really make the the Clips hard to defend in those last moments of a close game. Will we go to CP, to Jamal or to Blake, or even JJ??? The opposing defense just won't know.

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It seems like many of you are echoing sentiments from the OLD Blake.

To say Blake disappeared down the stretch in the

miami game is far from the truth. He was hitting big

freethrows and taking it to them.

The problem with what you guys are asking of Blake is

he is a PF. During the last 2 minutes of a game its

really tough to score with your back to the

basket because teams are coached to not

allow anything in the paint.

That's why most clutch plays come on

either "Jumpshots" or a player driving to the

lane getting fouled off the pick N roll.

How many times have you seen the game winning

shot scored by a big man as opposed to a Guard?

It's rare.

To really judge Griffins "Clutch" play you should

look at how he playmakes out of the double team

down the stretch.

Did he hit an open shooter? Did he make the right

pass? Did he position himself for an Offensive rebound. Those

are clutch plays for a PF.

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I was getting disillusioned with our guys after so so so many years of futility,but when Blake came around he made it so much fun for me.

The year before I would look at the schedule and think,oh crap we have another game to go to. I went because I felt loyalty. Although it was nice to go and have an empty arena. But Blake made it so I cannot wait to every game I go to and more so these last couple of months. When You think he isn't getting better,he gets better and adds something new. For example he shoots a 3,I am screaming WTF is he doing,and swish. then it was,well there is something new.

After 2 decades of watching I hate to sound like a basketball groupie or something (afterall I am old enough to be Blake's s grandpa) and I dearly love the play of many of the guys on our team (Cp3 is arguably the top 5 PGs I have seen in my life and Jcrossover amazes me with his ball handling) but it always comes back to number 32.

This is his team.

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You are correct, I'm not sure why people seem to have this misconception. The perimeter guys are usually the ones being primary ball handlers and decision makers in the smallest minute of games because it is easier. A guy like a Dirk is an exception and far from the rule.

Even a guy like Duncan who's had his fair share of big plays still many years had the ball being put in the hands of Manu, and later, Parker to close games.

It isn't the bigs that usually get that duty just because they generally have less range as well as less of an ability to get to spots as easily. Pick and pop bigs though get more opportunities because you can run pick and pop and dump the ball back to them or run catch and shoot plays for them

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I just read that since the 1985-86 season, Blake's the only guy to post 43/15/6 in more than one game...and that it's only happened 3 times since Blake's debut (K Love having the other guy). Pretty cool. ... ames-duel/

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Most teams simply don't have their power forward or center be their "go-to" guy in the clutch. It's extremely rare, especially in today's league. Can't really fault Blake for that. I actually think he could be the rare big man who could eventually handle that kind of task, but I can also understand why he's not asked to do it.

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Blake has shown so much growth this year its wonderful to watch. CP3 being out is such a blessing in disguise. The clippers have shown they can beat anybody this year. CP3 is amazing but his a small. Blake has the ability to take over games no matter who he is playing. Our team can win a championship when blake becomes the best clipper and its headed that way.

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I can't wait to see this improved Blake play with CP3 again. This is going to be one scary team for the rest of the league.

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not going to lie, I'm a hater on those super specific stats. How many players if it is 40/15/5 or 40/10/5 or 40/10/4? I just hate when they make it so specific to make it exclusive.

Here's the 40/15/5 list: ... _by=player

We see some repeat offenders. I'm not saying it isn't cool, but don't need to make it so specific to make him the only one.

Blake playing like this though, amazing. We just need to shore up the defense

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