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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Grizz are looking for a small forward, since prince is having a bad season. Is there something we could do with them, anybody on the roster we can get, to better the team.

I know we all hate the memphis, but is there anybody on the roster, we can get, for somebody like Jared dudley?

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Jared is a Pudgy Forward. They already have Z-Bo.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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I don't know why they would be looking for a SF, James Johnson has been playing incredible for them

Clipper All-Star
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Maybe Tayshaun just needs a change in environment. If he's not hurt, maybe we should just swap Dudley for him. He certainly can help on the defensive end.

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Hell no last time we traded with Memphis we created a bigger problem. Unless they are giving us two of their bench bigs and a 1st this year no deal. Over price them or nothing let them miss the playoffs.

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I was so high on James Johnson when he was on the Raptors a few years ago and wanted the Clips to somehow get him. Can't believe he found himself in the d-league before the Grizz snatched him up this year.

Clips sure could've used his defense and physicality on the wing. Would've been perfect...

Clipper 6th Man
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He's having like his worst year ever. Why would we want him? His confidence is probably lower than Dudley's.

Clipper 6th Man
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Not to mention he's owed like 8M next year under his current contract

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Grizzlies looking to "improve" at SF, and if Dudley will actually play well for them and help them, why in the world would we want to help out a team that we could possibly face in the post-season?

I think the problem teams have had with Johnson is that he has skills, but they aren't so refined, and then he tries to do a bit more than his effectiveness level.

So what they were getting was a skilled player, but a guy who was taking some shots that he should've held back on, and turning the ball over too much for his offensive production. He's done well for Memphis though.

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I wouldn't trade with Memphis unless they gave us Gasol. Imagine

Paul - Collison

Reddick - Crawford - Green

Barnes - Bullock

Griffin - Turkoglu

Gasol - Jordan - IDK who would start. That would be awesome lol

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It's not like Gasol has the most chiseled physique, either. If they added Dudley, they'd have the squidgiest front court in history.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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A package trade that includes Collison, Crawford and a draft pick should get us a solid small forward and a decent back up PG. As much as I hate to see our two best bench players go our need for a small forward is bigger.

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Repped High Quality Post

^ Collison has proven to be among the best value players in the NBA. Show me any player in the league of equal dollar-value, and I'll show you a GM who won't let him go.

As of right now, DC is untouchable.

Edit: I guess the organization agrees with me... ... auls-stead

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I agree with @Cleepers, plus I don't think you can give both Collison and Crawford. Due to contracts and reputation, I would be inclined to keep Collison and think about moving Crawford (only if the right type of deal came around).

Dudley would fit in Memphis, it could be the pudgiest front court in the NBA.

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