Doc Rivers Sees Bill Russell in DeAndre Jordan

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Yeah, we've all heard him say it. But what's different here is the writer's (Scott Howard Cooper) take on things.

He spends the whole article scoffing at the notion - though not in a mean way - then finishes with a kind of "yeah, but..." bringing up DJ's improvement and numbers this season.

The haters are gonna hate, but DJ has responded to hype and praise very well this season. I think a little recognition from the media can only help him further.

Our little clown is all grown up. ... f:nbahpt6e

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He doesn't hold a candle to Russell. No center in this league does. He is also way too inconsistent but props for his improvements this season. Much better than last season and worth his contract.

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Doc, you high bro?

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I never understood why DJ gets so much flack. He is a great shot-blocker/shot-alterer. He shoots better free-throws than Bogut, but yet Bogut is given such high-praise because he is on the Warriors. What makes....

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I think people want him to give up fewer points in hone paint or at the rim -not that they want him to score 20. It's not all his fault, but as it is his job to protect that area he gets the praise when good and the blame when bad.

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DJ should be an all star and he will next year. He has to overcome his history of being a lazy dufus. Fans will be aware of the Two Man Wrecking Crew and will see the Poncho to BG Cisco in Lob City. He may be MIP. I consider FT's gravy.

The difference between Russell and Wilt and players today is this (Gospel of Toohip)

We confuse athleticism ie. dunks crashing the boards and high flying with being an athlete.

Both Wilt and Mr. Russell were world class track and field guys. - athletes. Wilt was a heptathalete (I think). 100 yard dash in 10.9 at seven feet. Russell could high jump 6' 9.5" and was the seventh best in the world. Wilt did 6'1" before the "Flop" Both could jump so high as to touch the top of the backboard. TECHNIQUE

For grins. Johnny Mathis broke Bill's original college record and was one of the 10 best high jumpers in the world.

The point in this is that these guys in track and field had developed endurance (Wilt NEVER got tired) and physical skills such as lateral movement and jumping etc. Players don't get this training today. Sorry Wilt could guard Jordan because of his training in things like the triple jump. They were also expected to be real Student-Athletes and actually be able to read.. There is a debate as to who is the GOAT, Wilt or MJ. MJ and Russell had the hearts of tigers. Wilt didn't but he was by a quantum the most physically gifted ATHLETE ever to play. Please check out Russell/Cousey on youtube

DJ ain't Mr. Russell. Why do even the young thugs call him that?

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DJ is still way too inconsistent and still lacks fundamentals. I know Doc's trying to boost his confidence but let's not start overrating him because of that.

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Doc perhaps needs his eyes checked. Nice compliment but not yet, not yet at all.

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We may be missing the point here.

Is DJ as good as Russell? ...not at all.

Will DJ play harder if he thinks he can become Russell? ...maybe.

In my opinion, Doc's handling of DJ has been his signature achievement so far. Even if he wants to put him in the MVP/GOAT conversation and everybody laughs - but it makes DJ better - Doc wins, DJ wins, the Clippers win... and we win.

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Doc is seeing exactly what I see in DJ. That's what mentors

are able to do. When the world see's who a person is "Now" a great

leader is able to accurately asses the potential.

Hands down I know DJ has the potential to be the best

center in this league in the next 3 years.

I've been saying that since he came into the league.

What he needed was a great mentor to bring it out of him,

and Doc is the perfect MAN for the job.

There are many things DJ needs to improve in, especially

his defense in the paint, pick n roll D, and guarding

shooting bigs.

But the reality is a human being can only improve a few

things at a time.

To go from where he was last year to #1 rebounder in the league,

#4 in shot blocks. and averaging 9ppg without any plays called

his a heck of a jump.

If he continues to work in 3 years he will have improved in

those areas and be hands down most dominant center in the league.

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I've been one of DJ's harshest critics over the past few years, but he has been playing out of his mind this season. I have to give him credit now. Just to be clear, Doc didn't say that DJ was as good as Bill Russell, he specifically said "I genuinely see traits of Bill Russell. I didn't say he was Bill Russell." Deandre still has a ways to go, but to say that he has some "traits" similar to Russell isn't that outlandish.

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Hey guys. He never said he was as good as Russell. He just said he sees common traits. The same way we say we see some Jordan in this guy or that guy.

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Doc needs to chill on comments like these.

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I am afraid DJ will be out of our price range at the end of next season Sad

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i think he likes it here. but who knows. i hope he retires a clipper

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With next season being the last year on DJ's contract, and his continued level of improvement, should the Clippers offer him a contract extension?

What can DJ net in a trade? What type of center would benefit Blake?

I would like him to remain on the team, not sure if he's worth max money.

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If he continues this way into the PO's and keeps trending upwards next season, he should get at least Hibbert/Chandler $.

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As you already know, I am a Lakers fan rooting for The Clippers to DESTROY everyone in the playoffs.

Re. Deandre Jordan, he deserves max money for one reason: there are only a handful of bonafide, seven foot centers in the NBA. Every team will drool to get their hands on him. Can you imagine Miami with DJ? They would NEVER lose a game!

As I have said before, the Clippers are one player short of title contention. It could be JJ when he returns or Crawford when he returns to last year's form.

I believe that Doc (boy I wish the Lakers had a REAL coach like Rivers) will add the missing player before season's end.

No worries. It is still the regular season.

(Who wouldas thunk the Clippers could win the NBA title and the Lakers could win the NBA Draft Lottery?!)

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