DeAndre Jordan: Cameo in RelativityAvengerables!

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CTB MVP Champion
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CTB MVP Champion
Posts: 18824
Location: los angeles
votes: 146

By the way, doesn't DJ resemble Martin Lawrence with his facial expressions?

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Very much so, strange combination of guys but nice work.

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My dad always points that out, he calls DJ 'Martin' sometimes, lol.

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That was a funny video- thanks for posting it Joe!

BTW guys I just added a new [fbvideo] bbcode for those of you who want to post facebook videos. I went ahead and edited the first post and you get an idea of what it looks like.

Also if you use the regular reply (instead of the quick reply), you will notice that it is much easier now for you to add a Tweet, Youtube video, Instagram, Google Map address, & of course the new Facebook video. Just click the corresponding button and enter in the link. Let me know if you guys have any question or run into any issues!

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He looks more like the guy from the Commmadores

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