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Clipper 6th Man
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I'm going to make another bold and crazy prediction.........we have 21 games until the end of March.

Upon doing my cursory review, I'm firmly entrenched in the belief we go 21-0

Now don't get me wrong, there are a few tough games in there. Phoenix twice, Houston, OKC, Spurs, GSW & Memphis

Call me crazy but the fact CP3 was injured allowed BG to mature (sentiment echoed by Greg Anthony last night, my favorite player from UNLV next to Larry Johnson & Stacey Augmon)

What I will opine is while CP3 was sitting on the bench watching BG become a much better player before his eyes he in turn grew more confident of his ability to allow BG to shoulder more of the responsibility when it becomes crunch time. I have nightmares thinking of the way CP3 would seemingly refuse to give up the ball in Memphis playoffs last year and Memphis doubled and sometimes tripled him and we all saw how that ended.

With new found confidence in BG and awesome play from JC, DC, DJ & JJ this team when properly executing can truly beat any team in the league.


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Let's do it another perfect month! And this time to come at an opportune time right before the playoffs. Scared of OKC though...

Clipper 6th Man
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I hear ya..........its just watching the game last night OKC made critical errors down the stretch many of which were unforced.

They are a good team mind you but we can and will beat those guys in OKC & at Staples when we play next

I think the Clippers are just beginning to figure out just how good they are and more so how good they can be when they focus. Good times....Good times


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Imagine this actually happening. Its very achievable. Clippers 1st seed in the West. How AWESOME

Clipper All-Star
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It would be great, but would rather see continuous improvement and consistency with our defense.

If we could have both that would be great. If we fall in to any of the top 3 I will feel very positive about our position. If we lock up a good to decent back up big, I will feel very optimistic as well. If we make a steal before the deadline and fill in the 3 with a great fit, I will be twice as optimistic. If we get all, I will be forced to wait and get tickets to the finals regardless if they are in the rafters.

Clipper Rookie
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I am not saying it is impossible but the Clips are currently a .500 team on the road.

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The road, the Achilles heel

Clipper All-Star
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@ NO

@ Dallas (on B2B)


@ Minnesota

@ Phx

That is a tough little roadie. Winning all 5 of those will be tough.

We also have a B2B where we travel to Denver for the second game, which is brutal (long trip, altitude)

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