Lebron James Says He'd Win Dunk Contest

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Even though there's no actual single winner of the dunk contest this year, Lebron still says he would win. I think this proves the point that he's afraid to do the contest because he only has something lose and it would somehow taint his reputation as a great player. As soon as they remove an actual winner of the contest, Lebron starts to brag about how he would've won. The guy is by far the best player in the world and I would take him on the Clippers in a heartbeat, but he's been getting on my nerves recently. First he brags about being a top 4 player of all time and now this.

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Dude is certainly not humble, that's for sure, lol. If LeBron James think he'd win the dunk contest, why not participate and actually win it, or is he afraid that he won't win? Hmm....

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Him and Blake in the dunk contest would be worth a watch.

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Not sure why he bothers making these comments. Makes him sound like a tool. He is the best player on the planet why does he care about this kind of trivial stuff?

If you don't plan on doing the dunk contest don't make these stupid comments. I don't think the dunk contest is important(it is stupid tbh) but these comments don't help.

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Its cause he has more to lose than to gain. Same goes with every other superstars. Plus he's more of an in game dunker. He throws down one of the most ferocious slams but you win the dunk contest by doing fancy dunks. I haven't seen him do any other dunks other than his signature SLAM dunk.

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Gotta be in it to win it.

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As you guys have said in other words: Be about don't talk about it!

I also think that KD is closing the gap at a very quick pace. Lebron's game is based highly on his size, strength and athleticism. He definitely has improved his shot along the years, but don't know how long he will be able to keep up the pace everywhere else. His passing is second to no one his size, but the rest could catch up to him very soon in my opinion.

Talk is cheap. If you are not going to prove it then, why even mention it. Didn't Blake call him out last year and say they could donate the earnings to charity?

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LeBron's my favorite player outside of the Clippers, but even I have to admit he wouldn't win the dunk contest because he isn't a creative enough dunker. That being said, haters only want him to do it so they have another thing to nitpick and mock him for if he were to lose.

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It's a shame what the dunk contest has turned into recently. I miss the early 2000 dunk contests when Vince Carter, Desmond Mason, and Jason Richardson did great dunks. Those were actually fun to watch. The past few years have been unbelievably boring.

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Oops, wrong thread. Nothing to see here.

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Blake should challenge lebron to a dunk off next AS

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LeBron James is an amazing athlete and I'm in awe of what he's been able to accomplish on the court in his career. However, I find his hubris to be annoying and grating. His Mt. Rushmore comments and now his "I can win the dunk contest" puffery is too much ego gone haywire. Why does he even bother saying these things? It makes him sound insecure and pompous at the same time.

Let your work speak for themselves, LeBron. Walk the walk and stop the talk. In other words, if you're going to proclaim yourself the winner of the dunk contest, do us all a favor and shut up and put up. Let's see what your winning dunk looks like. Lol

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No he wouldn't

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LOL, that's a great argument. They make between the legs dunks look so easy. It's amazing.

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What is with the criticism for that? He was asked a question and answered it.

I swear LeBron gets the most ridiculous criticism in the league. Even if LeBron answered "no comment" to every question and never talked about himself or his basketball skill, haters would still find something to pick at him about. People need to chill out and appreciate his greatness because he's not going to be playing forever.

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LeBron James is a great athlete, but I don't think he's creative enough to win the slam dunk contest.

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I don't care for the 'creativity' in Dunk Contest. I prefer the days of Jordan, the dunk contest featured dunks that you could actually see in a game.

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