Doc Rivers Worried About Blake And Deandre's Minutes?

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Do Clippers make move before Trade Deadline?
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David Aldridge says at 1:48 that Doc the other night said that he was "concerned" about Blake and Deandre's minutes. Does Doc finally see the lack of front-court depth? I know since Chris came the Clippers like to keep moves quiet until they actually happen. That is why they "fired" that guy or the guy "retired" during the negotiations for Doc Rivers. Either way there are reports that the Clippers are "itchy" to make a trade built around Jared Dudley.

Don't get me wrong Hedo Turkoglu has been great for us.

In My Honest OPINION, OFFENSE wins GAMES and DEFENSE win CHAMPIONSHIPS. I'd say that the Clippers only defender is Chris Paul. Deandre isn't a defender YET, but He is a Defensive Player. That is why the Award is Defensive Player of the Year instead of Defender of the Year. The Clippers need to sure up the FrontCourt positions 3-5. Except for Dj and Blake we are WEAK at all 3 positions and that just won't fly come Playoff time. It doesn't necessarily have to be a trade , but just a move needs to be made to "sure" up those positions.

For all we know The Clippers Front-Office and Doc have something up their sleeves for the Trade Deadline to sure up those positions.

What Do You Guys Think? Doc has shown concern for those positions. Being "concerned" about the minutes is a nice way of saying "concerned" about the depth.

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Does Doc finally see the lack of frontcourt depth? Pretty sure he has seen it all season but its not that easy to get a competent backup big without giving something up.

I think we will make a trade its just the matter of making the right trade.

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Since sports were invented,but you will get arguments that all we have to do is outscore them,who needs defense.

I think no trade because the right person won't be available,no one would want to help us anyway I don't think.

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If he does deal and get healthy the bench should overall should see a boost in minutes.

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our depth in the frontcourt is non-existent we need at least one back up big hopefully the right move is made..

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Can we finally sign a third big now since this is such a concern? Enough wasting roster spots on guys like Sasha.

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76ers Believed To Be Most Active Team In Trade Talks ... rade-Talks

(via realgm)

Spencer Hawes or Thaddeus Young anyone?

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No way. 76ers want a pick with any deal. Of course, the closer we get to the deadline, the more willing they might be to settle.

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We need to make the same type of deal the Lakers did for pao gasol, and IF we get the right guy, we will win at least one, if not two championships like the Lakers did, agreed? I just don't know if ariza is the man or who?

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If we could get Ariza it would be perfect, but I don't see what we got to trade for him or anyone else for that matter.

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We lack a legend of our franchise (who has endless love for our franchise) in a position of power at another franchise that could gift us such a similar trade.

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