If Clippers vs Trail Blazers in Playoffs, Who Will Win?

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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Blazers proved this year, that they are rising. Lilliard is proving that he belongs in this league, everyday. Matthews and Batum, are great. LA(Lamarcus Aldrige) is one of the best PF in the league. Robin Lopez i have to say, has been doing all. Rebounding, Blocking, HITTING FREETHROWS, very underrated. But can the clippers handle them.

I know this is a clippers fan site, so i am asking for educated people on basketball here.

I think they could, but they need a guy like robin lopez on the bench. Mullens and Ryan are really Downers. Even though Ryan, does do something and Mullens wants to play, we need somebody that can score and defend. I'm hoping for a defensive minded player. Since Our bench is not elite defenders, not even close.

Blazers also need bench help, so if we can get that bench, Blazers are going to be in trouble

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We would win the Blazers have no chance against a fully healthy Clippers squad .

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As a Blazers fan, it pains me to say that the Clippers would probably win in 5 or 6. For all their faults, at least the Clippers can lock down on defense when it matters. The Blazers gunslinger style is working well for them now, but I'm not so sure we can rely on Lillard and Matthews bombing from 3 every single night.

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I think we would win in 5 or 6.

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Portland's gimmick offense and defense will be exposed in the playoffs.

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Clippers in 5

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clippers because of experience and more energy from not playing the starters so much

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Such a nbiased question given where we are but i have to agree with everyone that the clippers would win. Heck the blazers are already falling and have lost 8 of the last 12. If they aren't shooting lights out they don't win. LA is a good PF but he is soft. He never bangs down low and consistently relies on his mid range shot and fade away. I don't think they get out of the 1st round.

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I thought we have proven this. Even without a healthy clippers team

we have beat them with ease.

Take away a lucky BAtum last second 3 and we are 2-0 on


I think we win in 5 not a sweep tho.

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To be honest flip of the coin, if Blazers are hitting every shot in sight in which some nights they are capable of they can beat anybody, jump shooting teams are unpredictable, warriors is an example of this, they are a poor mans version of the Blazers.

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Well no matter what the odds,i will say Clippers because that is my team.

Clipper 6th Man
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it all depends on blake griffin.

If he continues playing the way he has been, i like the clippers vs anyone.

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I think Clippers will win too. Portland seems to be losing steam, having lost a lot of their games lately. Perhaps their momentum is swinging the other way while the Clippers seem to be headed into the right direction. Clippers would win this series for sure.

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Portland's a jump shooting team. This makes them dangerous in early rounds, but I think they become weaker as the playoffs progress.

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Whoever has homecourt advantage will win. Each team seems to beat each other on their home court.

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This is actually matchup that the Clippers shouldn't suffer too much with. CP guards Lillard very well. LMA can't guard Blake, though Blake can't guard him either, but we'd likely put DJ on him and make him beat you with jumpshots. He'll have some good games, but it's hard for him to be efficiency as a scorer that way over a whole series.

I actually like the Blazers matchup, even if we didn't have HCA. The Blazers don't defend specifically well, and don't force the opposition to turn it over. More possessions for the Clippers is not going to help an opponent. If everyone is healthy here, they don't have much of their size mismatch advantage either.

I would take the Clippers in 6 in this matchup. Portland won't just roll over, but I don't see them having enough to win this series.

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I think the Blazers are pretenders. They are a jump shooting team with no inside presence. Their rebounding is good, and they have length at every position in my opinion. If they had a good defensive coach or system they would be as scary as OKC. The good thing for us is they don't. They aren't going to fix their defense during the season. They remind me of OKC with no defense. Batum is more like Ibaka's role (better defender on team) and Aldridge is more like in Durant's (offensive responsibilities), but very similar in my opinion. If they could defend as a team this team would be very scary, but they can't so it's a good match up for our Clippers this season.

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