What Percentage of Staple Center Crowd Are Lakers Fans?

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First off, I want to say that our crowd has been the loudest as it ever been but they do cheer for a lot of former lakers players.

Howard got booed. Why? What did he ever do to us .

Vujacec gets louder applause than any of our bench players.

We cheer for dirty fisher when he comes to town.

Just wondering, hope these fans are here to stay

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Who cares about the wishy washy fans? Its the same for every team. When a team is good, theres tons of fans when the team is bad, theres empty seats. We haven't been good before. Now we are and there are people out there who want to watch a good product. Clippers make money, it makes DTS more willing to spend money, it makes the clippers better. They cheer for us, who cares where they came from?

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To be fair, Howard is a bitch who should get booed at every arena. And I'm pretty sure those were Bronx cheers for Vujacic because he was sucking so bad. The Fisher cheers have to be from Laker bandwagoners though... nobody else likes that fraud.

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A Lot of my family are Laker fans and they do go to Clipper Games... so...

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