Lamar Odom Signs With Laboral Kutxa in Spain, Could Return?

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Lamar Odom taking talent to Spain February 17, 2014 By Marc Stein | "Lamar Odom is on the verge of launching his basketball comeback in Spain. Sources with knowledge of Odom's thinking told that the 34-year-old has....

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Nice to see Lamar get a chance to play somewhere. If playing basketball professionally again provides him with the stability he needs, here's hoping he finds it, wherever that may be. But I will miss him as a "Clipper". Good Luck

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I hope Lamar finds his way back to the NBA after his stint in Spain. It seems like a good plan for him to play there, get his NBA legs back, and stay away from the limelight. Being far away from the Kardashians is the right way to go too, lol. Get straightened out, Lamar!

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Great for Lamar.Hope he gets his life together.Wouldn't mind picking him up next year if he does well in Spain.He is a well liked teammate and seems like a good dude.He has been threw a lot and made a lot of mistakes.Hope it all works out for him.

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The deal is for two-months, maybe he's getting in shape to sign with us before the playoffs.

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If it is for that long it seems most likely that he is doing it to get game ready for a playoff team. The Clippers, another team or just to make him a better prospect for any offer that might come along..................who knows?

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Now I don't know what the nba rules are, AND someone will have to get the INSIDE scoop on how lamar's doing in Europe, but if he's even 80 per cent of last year's form,....

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Heard he's been awful in Spain against lesser competition.

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He hasn't played in the NBA this year, so he is playoff eligible even if he signs the last day of the season, like Tracy McGrady last year. He signed only a two month contract, which ends right around the same time as the NBA regular season, so if someone wants him, he should be available.

He's only played two games so far and he's not done too well, he's slow and fouling and turning the ball over a lot.

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I read a Hoopshype tweet last week that said Lamar had a back injury and results were being sent to the U.S. for a second opinion. If this is the case, he's in worse shape than ever.

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I'll take Marcus Camby over Lamar Odom






A Tribe Called Bench 2.0!

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The Marcus Camby that's been injured the last 2 seasons?

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I think we don't need anyone.

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A) odom has sucked a fat one in Spain.

B) we can't add anyone else to the team for the playoff run as far as i know. teams are as is, unless that was just the last day to be bought out and still join a playoff team.

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B) yes you can, IF that FA player has not played in the current NBA season. Those type of FA's are still eligible till the last regular game of the year.

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