Clippers Have Traded Antawn Jamison to the Atlanta Hawks (P. 2)

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A healthy JJ would also help a lot.

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Awkward how Antawn had to leave the plane as soon as the trade went down. He was searching for a championship ring on a contending team. Not gonna happen with the Hawks from the look of things right now. Best of luck to you, Antawn.

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I wouldn't say Granger is completely done, the man can still shoot and gives us more size at the 3. With the Philly buy out it's low risk. I'd be ecstatic if we sign granger and big baby Smile

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Dudley: 35.4%, 10.6 pts/36

Granger: 33.0%, 13.3 pts/36

Barnes: 30.4%, 10.8 pts/36

3PT percentage and scoring rate. None of them really impressive, lol.

Not sure where his shooting is at now post injury. Not sure when his scoring is at post injury either. He wasn't shooting off the dribble three's or anything either, so he'll be getting similar shots here. So that one is a bit hard to judge because of the injury factor. Is there a "healthy" Granger anymore, and if there is, is his production level anywhere close to what it used to be? His defense hasn't looked bad, and Pacers fans have said the same, so if he's only going to shoot 33.0% 3PT and under 40% from the field, he needs some redeeming attribute.

The only issue obviously is the glut at SF that will be created. Someone obviously will not be happy of this were to happen.

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Ken Berger ‏@KBergCBS � 34m

The Hawks announce they have waived Antawn Jamison, acquired yesterday from the Clippers.

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What is it mean if we have the drafting rights to Cenk Akyol?

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I think he's similar to but better than Barnes, they are both shooting bad, but Granger is shooting less bad, their rebound rates are about the same and Granger is playing better defense this year, probably by a good amount. If you consider two point shooting, Dudley is shooting better than both by a good amount. So we could use Granger as the grinder, Dudley as the shooter and Barnes as cover and depth. They could potentially take minutes from Turkoglu as well. Bullock probably becomes our main backup at SG while Redick is out.

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Granger to me is a low risk/high reward investment. He will never be a star again but still has the potential to be a starting quality SF or at least a decent backup.

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According to Ramona Shelburne, Spurs and Bulls are interested in Antawn Jamison who was waived by the Hawks. I hope he goes to the Bulls. No need for a resurgence with the Spurs.

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I'd prefer the Spurs if that is going to help get him a ring. he came here hoping for that on a minuscule salary only to be traded away. If not us, then I hope he has a great chance at a ring before hanging up his sneakers.

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That is true --- he did sign with the Clippers with the hopes of winning a ring. I felt bad that he got traded away before the Clippers had a chance to even vie for the ring. When you put it that way, yeah, I can see that he ought to go to the Spurs. Of the two teams interested in him, the Spurs are the most likely this season to get a chance to get the ring. I just didn't want him going to the Spurs because he may be one of those players who would make the difference in putting the Spurs on top, lol, and perhaps spoiling the Clippers' run at it. I wish him the best at whichever team he chooses.

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Doc fed him with "oh I'm gonna save you for the playoffs" BS. I feel really bad for him, I wish him the best. But hey he makes millions to play basketball so I shouldn't even feel bad for him.

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Yeah, that was bothersome to take knowing that Doc had told him that line and Antawn did as he was told even though it was really hard for him to not play. Antawn must have felt betrayed to have been traded and traded in such an awkward manner to boot. The NBA is a business and often times it is ruthless. At the same time, Antawn and players like him who've been able to play for a number of years consistently have made a ton of money so perhaps all we can really do is feel bad for a few moments (lol) and then wish him well.

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