Clippers Traded Byron Mullens to 76ers (P. 2)

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Clipper All-Star
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Aw going to miss bringing in 'Da Mullen' during garbage time, then again probably not, all the best Byron

Clipper All-Star
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well good riddance was useless even in garbage time.

Clipper Starter
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Was hoping Mullens would be what Barnes was for us last year but just never happened.Best of luck Mully.

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My guess: First game with Philly, Mullens scores a career-high 45 points on 15-47 three-pointers.

Clipper All-Star
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Yeah I might even watch the next 76'ers game to get a kick out of watching him play starters minutes.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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this trade made my day .... I really tought this guy will help our team thank god his gone

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Haha probably! Lol

Clipper Rookie
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Pretty impressive move,I think Doc must have purchased a new Mercedes today which is now parked in the garage of Philly's GM.

Clipper Starter
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Lmao!! Philly is having problem with Mullie now!!! Keep chunkin it mullie!!!

Clipper All-Star
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LMAO, poor Mullens. I was cracking up when I saw all these tweets on Hoopshype. Apparently Sixers fans were booing him for jacking up all those shots. So glad Clippers no longer have him on the team.

Well, Sixers wanted to tank this season and Mullens is gonna make that pretty easy if he continues chucking up lots of shots, lol.

Clipper Starter
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Yea me too i could not stop laughing when i seen this.. I think Doc won "GM of the year" for selling Byron's stock up fooling the sixers

Clipper All-Star
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I like Doc as a GM, but I highly doubt he "fooled" the Sixers. I think the Sixers knew exactly what they were getting with Mullens. Sam Hinkie's probably happy his team's guaranteed to have the worst record in the East now.

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