Matt Barnes: My Days On This Team Are Numbered (P. 2)

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I don't like when players make everything about them.

It is irritating that he doesn't see that this reflects poorly on him. If it truly has loosened him up and made him play like last year - great. We just don't need to be privy to his psychology. Just play.

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First we must remember that pro BBall players are not known for their emotional maturity anymore. Baron, Beasley, Smith, Iverson, Kobe etc etc. Metta's problem is that he has some sort of mental illness with anger management problems. I really think he means well but he's wired wrong.

We are forgetting one other thing, Matt's media career. He was a judge on a day time fashion show and also he and his wife did the cooking thing on Clipper TV. I think he has plans to do something after BBAll and being a Clipper is his stepping stone. He obviously as as agent. Getting traded is a double whammy, first the pay cut, second, the potential career loss. Having your name associated with a fresh up and coming "Sexy" organization helps. Also the Clipper name is not "big" enough to overshadow his. Chris Paul of the Lakers would never have gotten him a comm'l. Same is true with Blake. Chris Paul's Clippers or----- the Lakers' Chis Paul. One of them makes money.

Maybe he's whining to his fans because if hurt feelings. I'm not using whining in a bad sense. Maybe his fans are his "Shoulder to cry on". I wish the FO would say something like"You are a valuable team member and we love having you here but it's a business" or "We have no plans to trade youin the foreseeable future but--this is a business" This is bad PR. Maybe he knows something.

As far as leaving: CP =BG> DJ?? Contract issues> JJ> Jamal -age> Reggie - age and $$. Of the remainder, everyone else can go but only he and Collison have any value. If he were a SG he should be a lot more worried.

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Is it really "anymore" in terms of emotional maturity? We have to remember that part of why we know so much about what these guys are thinking or saying or doing is because of the internet age. There was no emotional maturity filter before, just a lot less acces to that. Immature basketball players have probably always been around similar to immature adults in general. Whether it is more now, I don't know, but the access we have to their daily lives easily affects that perception.

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